2020 New Eiffel mayoral elections

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The 2020 New Eiffel mayoral elections are going to be held between 29 February to the 2 March 2020 to elect the mayor of all three New Eiffelic cities. It will be the first election for the position of mayor. The election will use first-past-the-post voting.


It was announced in late December 2019 that elections for Mayors of all three cities would be considered sometime in 2020. Elections were officially announced on 26 February 2020, set to take place on 29 February.

Electoral system and voting

The election will use first-past-the-post voting. The election for the Mayor of New Leeds will take place on 29 February, Plitvice on 1 March, and Új Repülő on 2 March, which will be the final mayoral election.

Campaign and candidates

A person can be the mayor of any number of cities and every citizen is eligible to run. You can either run as an independent candidate or run for a party, which you must be a member of. Prince Zabëlle, running as an independent, announced candidacy for all three cities on 26 February, and Janus Smith of the Yellow Party did the same - both of them announced it in a video.

Mayoral debate

The mayoral debate, which was for all three cities took place on 28 February between candidates Janus and Zabëlle Skye.


Mayoral position Votes for Zabëlle Votes for Janus Date
New Leeds 29 February
Plitvice 1 March
Új Repülő 2 March