List of short films released in New Eiffel

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This is a list of short films released in New Eiffel.



  •  Yellow Produced by Z&jProductions
  •  Red Distributed by Z&jProductions
Title Release date Studio Genre(s)
Untitled Lego Stop Motion Film 2013? Lost-Film Z.S. Movies
Untitled Live-Action Spy Film 2013? Lost-Film Z.S. Movies
Untitled Live-Action Film 2013? Lost-Film Z.S. Movies
At the Shop 20 March 2014? Z.S. Movies Comedy
Guns Out Fire 2 November 2014, 14 February
2018 (re-release)
Mark Studios Action
The Terrible Restaurant - Part 1 5 February 2017 Ninja Films Comedy
The Doll 19 April 2017 Z&jProductions Found footage, Horror
The Terrible Car Driver 10 May 2017 Ninja Films Comedy
Batman V Superman: The Better Version 11 July 2017 Z&jProductions Action, Drama, Comedy, Parody
When Nibiru Comes 10 October 2017 Z&jProductions Disaster-Film, Sci-fi
SAD Death Day 28 October 2017 Z&jProductions Comedy, Horror, Parody
The Demented Computer 10 November 2017 Zfilms, Z&jProductions Horror
Sticky Hand 27 November 2017 Z&jProductions Action, Comedy, Superhero-Film
Star Warz: Episode I — The 2nd to Last Jed-Eye 25 January 2018 Z&jProductions Action, Comedy, Parody, Sci-fi
सर्वश्रेष्ठ बॉलीवुड मूवी कभी 14 March 2018 Z&jProductions Comedy, Musical
Fortnite: The (un)OFFICAL Movie 27 March 2018 Z&jProductions Action, Parody
Beneath The Summer Skies: A Toilet Paper Love Story 27 March 2018 Z&jProductions Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Great War Part I 12 April 2018 Z&jProductions War
The Doll: Origins 19 April 2018 Z&jProductions Horror
First Bite 2 May 2018 Independent film by Mathew Bearne Horror, Fantasy
Layers 12 June 2018 Zfilms Surrealism
The Farmer 23 June 2018 Zfilms Horror, Thriller
Scissor: Dawn of a New Game 12 October 2018 Farkasok és Szar Studios, Zfilms Drama, Horror, Thriller
PUBG: The (un)OFFICIAL Movie 8 January 2019 Z&jProductions Action, Adventure
Epic Action Movie 17 February 2019 Farkasok és Szar Studios, Spooked Out! Productions Action, Comedy, Spy-Film
Star Warz: The Stone Age 21 March 2019 Z&jProductions Action, Parody, Sci-fi
Dimensions: Choices 13 April 2019 Zfilms, Z&jProductions Horror, Thriller
सर्वश्रेष्ठ बॉलीवुड मूवी कभी २ 30 April 2019 Z&jProductions Action, Comedy, Musical
Med-Evil Ghost 8 May 2019 Z&jProductions Thriller
Med-Evil Ghost II 23 May 2019 Z&jProductions Thriller
Being Born Twelve Times 30 June 2019 Classical Claw Films Surrealism
Chair 10 July 2019 Classical Claw Films, Zfilms Surrealism
Protect tHE Earth 13 July 2019 Classical Claw Films Surrealism
Med-Evil Ghost: Curse Broken 11 November 2019 Z&jProductions Thriller
Underneath 5 December 2019 Independent film by Zabëlle Skye Psychological thriller
The Hooded 11 February 2020 Z&jProductions Horror
Smith iPad Record of a Sneeze 4 March 2020 Independent film by Zabëlle Skye Documentary
The Human Legopede 6 March 2020 Zfilms Horror, Thriller
Silence 25 March 2020 Z&jProductions Horror
Star Warz: The Stranded Sith 21 April 2020 Z&jProductions