Underneath (film)

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File:Underneath film poster.jpeg
Still frame.
Directed byZabëlle Skye
Produced byZabëlle Skye
Based on2010 film Buried
StarringZabëlle Skye
Edited byZabëlle Skye
Release date
5 December 2019
Running time
7 minuets
Country New Eiffel

Underneath is 2019 New Eiffelic psychological[citation needed] survival thriller short film written, directed, and produced by Zabëlle Skye.[1] It is Skye's fifth independent film. The film concerns Bradley Evans (played by Skye), who wakes and finds himself buried alive in a bodybag with only a flashlight and phone. The film was inspired by Rodrigo Cortés' 2010 psychological thriller film Buried, which follows the same premise. Skye has called the film his "most forgotten about".

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