The Farmer

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The Farmer
Letter from the film.
Directed byZabëlle Skye
Produced byZabëlle Skye
Written byZabëlle Skye
StarringZabëlle Skye
Edited byZabëlle Skye
Distributed byZfilms
Release date
23 June 2018
Running time
4 minutes
Country Kingdom of New Finland
LanguageNone; Silent

The Farmer is a 2018 New Finlandic indie horror short film written, directed and created by Zabëlle Skye.[1] It is Skye's second independent film, after Layers, which was released only two weeks earlier. The film was distributed by Zfilms in later releases. The film stars Skye as a farmer, who goes to take care of a friend's farm, where a burglar breaks into the house. The film was made as a homage to silent horror films of the 1920s and silent films in general – particularly German film director F. W. Murnau's 1922 Nosferatu – after Skye became inspired upon learning about them at his film school in Surrey, UK.

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