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The Right Honourable Sir Robert Kennedy MHC OWC
Rt. Hon R.Kennedy
First Minister of The Kingdom of Zealandia
In office:
March 1 2010 to October 12 2010
Monarch Queen Astrid
Predecessor Post Created
Successor Admiral Sir Mark Fowler
Governor of Elphaba
Assumed office:
March 27 2010
Monarch Queen Astrid
Predecessor Post Created
Successor Incumbent
Mayor of Gillikin City
Assumed office:
June 4 2010
Predecessor Post Created
Successor Incumbent
Member of the Zealandian House of Commons for Denton City Central
assumed office:
June 18 2010
Predecessor Seat Created
Successor Incumebent
Personal information
Born 12 August 1990 (1990-08-12) (age 28)
Political party Social Democratic Party of Zealandia

Robert Kennedy (born 1990) is founding First Minister of the Kingdom of Zealandia.

Early life

Robert Kennedy was born on the 12th of August 1990 in Manilla, the Philippines, son of a nurse and an Australian diplomat. He spent most of his life in New South Wales and was educated at Blaxland High School, City of the Blue Mountains.

Political Career

After the founding of the Kingdom of Zealandia, Kennedy was appointed caretaker First Minister by Queen Astrid and subsequently formed the Progressive Party. He has since been a key figure in establishing Zealandia as a nation. He was declared governor the province of Elphaba on the 27th of March 2010. On July 5 2010 He was officially appointed a Knight of the Order of the White Cane, The Highest honour in the Kingdom of Zealandia by Queen Astrid.

Here is the timeline of the Robert Kennedy's political career.

  • June 18 2010: The Progressive Party of Zealandia led by Sir Robert won a Majority in the 2010 Zealandian Election and was declared First Minister Elect.
  • June 22 2010: Queen Astrid swore Kennedy in as First Minister.
  • August 16 2010: Kennedy defeated a motion of no confidence in the National Parliament with a majority of 16 members to 3 members supporting the motion.
  • October 2010: Kennedy resigned as First Minister of Zealandia.

Police and Military Career

  • March 1st 2010: Kennedy was appointed a Police Constable (PC) in the Royal Zealandia Constabulary,
  • May 20th 2010: He was promoted to the rank of superintendent
  • March 2nd 2010: Kennedy was appointed as a General within the Royal Zealandian Army.
  • May 29th 2010: Kennedy Graduated from the Royal Zealandia Armed Forces Collage with the rank of Commander within the Kingdom of Zealandia Naval Service and was placed in command of ZNS Eminent Thropp.
  • June 22nd 2010: Her Majesty Queen Astrid Promoted Kennedy to the rank of Captain.
  • August 1st 2010: Her Majesty Queen Astrid as Chief Constable of the Royal Zealandia Constabulary Promoted Kennedy to the Rank of Chief Superintendent.

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