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Federal Subject of Los Bay Petros

Flag of Gaskan State.png
Flag of Gaskan
Location of region within Los Bay Petros
Full Name State of Gaskan
Capital Falgstaff
Established 14 October 2009
Area approx. 400 hectares
Population 2 (Non-Citizen: approx. 600)
License Plate code 3
Type State
Leader(s) Governor Helmi Fairuz Kalahari
Divisions / Counties 5
NLC Seat
State Representative from National Action Party

State of Gaskan is one of ten sub-division of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. Formerly named Gaskan Principality.

Gaskan is located on the eastern side of the country's territory. Gaskan was founded on 14 October 2009, right on the day when the three founding fathers signed the New Petrovakia Treaty. And its feudal status changed to state on August 2010. State of Gaskan is the l

Gaskan within Los Bay Petrosian Territory

argest state in Los Bay Petros before the State of Western Los Bay Petros.


Gaskan consist of 5 counties, they are:

  • Riviera
  • Vanda
  • Betet South
  • Falgstaff (Capital)
  • Gaskan City
Gaskan Eastern Border road