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Germaningrad の特別行政区

Federal Subject of Los Bay Petros

Flag of Germaningrad
Location of region within Los Bay Petros
Full Name Special Administrative Region of Germaningrad
Capital Germaningrad City
Established November 2009, later integrated to Los Bay Petros in August 2011
Area ~2 acres
Population 6
License Plate code {{{plate}}}
Type Special Administrative Region
Leader(s) Governor Yury Zozulya
Divisions / Counties 1
NLC Seat
State Representative from LSP

Germaningrad is a special administrative region of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. Previously a micronation founded by Yury Zozulya in 2009, with the Vice-President Muhamad Aska Fadhilah, and the Prime Minister Arnaz Wiratama Rinaldi. Germaningrad signed an Anschluss or unification caused lost war by the Ex-Commander of Germaningrad Armed Force, Dimas Nurwinata Rinaldi, and integrated to first-level administrative region in Los Bay Petros. The capital city of Germaningrad is Germaningrad.

Now, the Governor of Germaningrad Yury Zozulya was planning to construct military bases and factory areas called "Slavyankagrad". But it still a part of Germaningrad. To construct the site the Goverment needs 3–4 days to construct the fast one.

Yury Zozulya is the owner and also the manager of all Germaningrad companies, including Germaningrad FC, Germaningrad Airways, Germaningrad Airways, Germaningrad Bakery Corp., and also Germaningrad Resources Supply Company (GRSC). Germaningrad has its own news network, the Germaningrad News Network (GNN), which is located at Germaningrad News Network Office.


Germaningrad also had a soccer team, called Germaningrad FC. The homebase is Black Lane Stadium. Titles had Germaningrad FC won : 2010-2011 :Champions of Friends Super League (FSL) 2011-2012 :Runner Up of Friends Super League (FSL)


  • Slavyankagrad is the largest county in Germaningrad. Slavyankagrad is the location of several military bases, a space exploration centre, an entertaiment centre, factory areas, and power plants. Even Slavyankagrad already finished, Slavyankagrad still in to developing progress by the local government.


Land Transportation

In Germaningrad, there's a MRT, or Mass Rapid Transit. It destination were Dredim and Labstadt.

Water Transportation

The harbour of the Germaningrad is Slavyankagrad Harbour, with several cruises anchored here.

Air Transportation

Germaningrad has one airport, currently  :

  • Drakoff Intermicronational Airport (code : GRD)

Now, Drakoff Intermicronational Airport still in developing, but it can used as a intermicronational airport. The currently route is on DCT and on Labstadt.

Military Forces

Germaningrad had a devastator machine called "Deathsaurer" which was shattered when attacking the state of the Ex-Commander of GRDAF at the first battle, "Order of The Betrayer". It also had a one mini Bismarck and GRD-NLF (GRD Naval Force) Yamato. For air units, Germaningrad has "The Black Baron" that was used to break down the forces of the Ex-Prime Minister at the second battle, "The Minister's March" and also ordered some new planes which will be coming soon, in January 2012.

Places of interest

  • Mt. Deutchstadt, a mountain on Slavyankagrad.
  • Germaningrad National Park, a zoo and wildlife conservation on Mt. Deutchstadt.
  • Slavyankagrad, a center district of Germaningrad.
  • Slavyankagrad Intermicronational Raceway, a permanent racing facility in Slavyankagrad.
  • Black Lane Stadium, The Football Stadium of Germaningrad FC.
  • Germaningrad Bakery Corp., a bakery that has been founded in Germaningrad.