Yury Zozulya

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Yury Zozulya

Chandra Partama
Yury Zozulya
1st Prime Minister of Jaankecil
Elected office
March 27th
Prince Lucas I
Predecessor Office Established
Former Mayor of Germaningrad
President of Los Bay Petros Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
Predecessor Office Established
Personal information
Born 23 September 1998
Jakarta, Indonesia
Birth name Chandra Pratama
Citizenship Kossian
Nationality Indonesian
Ethnicity Javanese
Residence Vile de Jaankecil, Principality of Jaankecil, Kossian Empire
Occupation Student

Yury Zozulya (born 23 September 1998) was an Indonesian micronationalist. His micronational career began when he became involved in the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros in July 2011, later going on to rise through the ranks of their Air Force, eventually becoming the Chief of the Air Force.

Micronational career

Yury's micronational career began in July 2011, when he became a citizen of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros in order to learn more about the micronation. In March 2012, he led an independence movement in order to found his own micronation, the UMSSR. Following his declaration of independence, the Emperor of Koss proposed that the micronation should join the Realm of Koss. Zozulya accepted the proposal.

Military career

In September 2011, Yury gained the rank of Major General. Soon after, he became became the Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff. He was inaugurated by General Indrawan Prasetyo. The following month, he became the Chief of the Air Force.