Estates of the Realm

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Estates of the Realm
Estados do Reino
2nd Legislature
Imperial Arms of Koss.png
Type Bicameral legislature
Houses Royal Council (Conselho Real) and People's Council (Conselho do Povo)
Speaker Lucas Campos & Luiza Portes
Majority Leader Yury Zozulya
Members 15 MP's
Meeting place

The Estates of the Realm was the official legislature of the Kossian Empire. Composed by two houses, the Royal Council(upper house) and the People's Council(lower house), it was a bicameral body, lead by the Premier.


As the supreme legislative body, the Estates of the Realm enjoyed a variety of powers. The Estates, among other things, could:

  • Declare State of Emergency
  • Declare War
  • Break up diplomatic relations


As a bicameral body, each law needed to be passed by the two councils and had to be granted Imperial and Royal Assent. In the case the Monarch refused to give such assent, the law could be withdrawn or it coulb be put in vote again, if it passed again, then it would enter in effect, regardless of the Monarch's opinion/view.

Election and Term

Royal Council

The Council contained 5 members which were elected by the Royal Council of the Grand Duchy of Koss for a term of 3 months.

People's Council

The lower house contained 11 member which were elected by the People's Council of Jaankecil for a term of 3 months.