League of Capitalists

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League of Capitalists
Official Logo of the League

Motto To be decided

Headquarters League of Capitalists Chatroom

Official language English

Membership 6 shareholders

LCEO Nicholas Woode-Smith
Vice-CEO Lucas Campos

Foundation 27 January 2012

The League of Capitalists or LOC is an intermicronational organization founded by Nicholas Woode-Smith on 27 January 2012, for the purpose to advance the Free-Market ideology in the Micronational Community and provide an organization where capitalist organizations can find support in a sector dominated by socialist ideologies


The League of Capitalists was originally a Skype Chatroom for the minority of the community, the capitalists, to debate and converse amongst other capitalists. On 22 January 2012, Daniel Anderson proposed turning the League into a organisation, the idea was largely supported by its members, specially Lucas Campos. Nicholas Woode-Smith drafted the Charter and after it was ratified by 6 organisations, the League of Capitalists was officially founded as an intermicronational organisation.


As per Charter of the League, drafted by Nicholas Woode-Smith the LOC aims to advance the Free-Market ideology in the Micronational Community and provide an organization where capitalist organizations can find support in a sector dominated by socialist ideologies.


There are two main bodies in the League: the Exchange and the Board of Directors. Every member of the organisation becomes a Shareholder, every Shareholder has a seat in the Exchange, which takes care of day to day policies. The Exchange then elects the Executives which are in charge of Membership, the Liberty Index and the Public Relations. Each Shareholder has the right to nominate one Director, that director will be part of the Board of Directors, who elects the LCEO and Vice-CEO. Another officer, the Membership Executive, is charged with managing membership of the Shareholders.


Because of the great diversity of capitalists and ideologies, the LoC allows political organisations such as the Liberal InterMicronational and Conservative Union to become members, they will send a representative (a Shareholder) who can vote for the interests of the organisations members.


Members of the League of Capitalists are referred to as Shareholders. The following types of organizations can join the League:

  • a) Capitalist Leaning political party;
  • b) Privately owned Company or Corporate body;
  • c) Internal Micronational organizations deemed appropriate by the Exchange.

Member states in alphbetical order

Name Nation Joined People Type
Amager Conservative Party Federal Republic of Havnesgade-Amager Jan,2012 2 Party
Liberal Party Grand Duchy of Koss Jan,2012 3 Party
Lostislandic National Congress Republic of Lostisland May 2012 3 Party
Rathunis Exchequer Corporation Principality of Rathunis Jan,2012 1 Company
Siroccan Federal Party Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Jan,2012 1 Party
Wyvernian Liberal Party Kingdom of Wyvern Jan 2012 4 Party

Member organisations

Name Orientation Joined Members Type
Conservative Union Conservative, Capitalism Jan, 2012 11 political organisation
Liberal InterMicronational Liberal, Capitalism Jan, 2012 5 political organisation

Government/Opposition status

Nation Name Government
Flag of Amager.png Havnesgade-Amager Amager Conservative Party Yes senior party in government coalition
Juclandia Democratic Party No in opposition
Liberal Alliance Yes in coalition government
KossianMonarchy.png Koss Liberal Party Yes in government
Lostislandflag.jpg Lostisland Lostislandic National Congress Yes in government
 Sirocco Siroccan Federal Party Yes in government
Siroccan Libertarian Party No in opposition
TianaFlag.png Tiana Democratic Alliance for Freedom Yes in government
WyvernFlagImproved.png Wyvern Wyvernian Liberal Party Yes senior party in government coalition


When the League was officialy founded as an organisation, these micronationalists did not take part of the foundation for inactive

Pending member name Micronation
Alexander Reinhardt Federal Republic of St.Charlie
Gordon Freeman Federated Republics of A1
Daniel Morris Union of Draegan Republics

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