Premier of Koss

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Premier of Koss
Lady Luiza Portes
Position Established March 2, 2012
Style His/Her Excellency The Premier
Appointer Elected
Formation: March 2, 2012
Term length: Three months
Inaugural holder: Richard Garrshire

The Premier of the Kossian Empire was the head of government, he took care of the administration of the Empire, maked sure the law was enforced, jointly with the Emperor, he vested the Executive Power. The style His/Her Excellency the Premier was accepted.

Election Procedure

The Premier was elected by the Estates of the Realm, both cameras have to approve a candidate. There must always be one candidate from each constituent nation. If the Estates cannot reach a decision, the monarch must choose a candidate, which will be the next Premier.

List of Premiers

Term No. Picture Name Town Political views Term start Term end Notes
01 File:Ricky.jpg Sir Richard Garrshire Brallise Social Democrat liberal 2 Mar 2012 12 Mar 2012 One of the founders of the Realm
02 File:LuizaOliveira.png Lady Luiza Portes, Countess of Hortus Goron City Capitalist monarchist 12 Mar 2012 18 Apr 2012 Due to the leave of Montriac, the Estates held an emergency session and elected Luiza Portes as Acting Premier, until proper elections were held.