Principality of Jaankecil

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Principality of Jaankecil
CapitalVile de Jaankecil
Official languagesEnglish, Indonesian
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Prince
Lucas I
Yury Zozulya
Establishment28 March 2012
CurrencyAustral franc

The Principality of Jaankecil was a constituent nation of the Kossian Empire, located in the Republic of Indonesia. It was a constitutional monarchy, with a Prince, Lucas I and a Prime Minister Chandra Pratama.


When thinking of a name, both the People and the Monarch wanted something unique and that had a meaning behind it. The name Jaankecil comes from a combination of two indonesian words: kerajaan which means royal and kecil which means small. The combination of jaan+kecil ended up being the proposed name of the new Principality, the People also supported and after the Prime Minister gave it approval, Principality of Jaankecil would be the new name of the constituent nation.


Jaankecil was first a territory of the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros called Germaningrad, but it declared independence on 2012, under the name of UMSSR. On late-March, the Emperor of Koss Lucas I proposed the UMSSR joining the Realm, after talks between both parties the UMSSR was officialy made a constituent nation under the name of Jaankecil.

The rebellion

A week after the Principality was accepted in the Realm, the Prime Minister of Jaankecil, Yury Zozulya informed the central government about a rebellion that was happening in the princedom. The Prime Minister informed that the lack of support by the population for a non-communist state was huge, soon, Leader of the opposition, Syam, entered in contact with the Kossian Emperor and explained that Jaankecil would be either conquered by force or by the Koss ceding the land, after talks between the Monarch and the Prime Minister, it was decided that Jaankecil would be a free country once again.