Harian Los Bay Petros

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Harian Los Bay Petros/Los Bay Petros Daily
HLBPAugust 2010.jpg
August 2010 Edition
Owner:Los Bay Petrosian Government
Founded:October 2009,first edition August 2010
Political Allegiance:Neutral
Languages:Bahasa Indonesia
Distributor: Distributed in:Los Bay Petrosian Government
Distributed in:Los Bay Petrosian Territory

The Harian Los Bay Petros (English: Los Bay Petros Daily) is the only Indonesian language newspaper published in the Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. The Harian Los Bay Petros is one of four national newspaper in LBP. The price of a newspaper is one Los Bay Petrosian Dollar and like the LBP Bulletin, it only consists of one page. The newspaper was actually founded in November 2009, but its first edition was published in August 2010.

A Harian Los Bay Petros Newpaper


  • Berita Utama (Main News)
  • Berita Mikronasional (Micronational News)
  • Berita Dalam Negeri (National News)
  • Prakiraan Cuaca (Weather Report)