Southall Observer

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Southall Observer
Format A4
Type Weekly/Monthly Newspaper
Owner Southall Government
Editor Muhammad Hady Faiz
Founded September 27th 2010
Political Allegiance Neutral
Language(s) English and Bahasa Indonesia
Distributor(s) Southall Government
Distributed In LBP (State of Southall, also in Dredim Capital Region)

Southall Observer is the local newpaper in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. Like its name, Southall Observer was distributed in Southall but also distributed in Dredim Capital Region. Southall Observer was founded in September 27 2010, by Muhammad Hady Faiz. Southall Observer headquarters is located in Faizingrad.

The price of the newspaper is $1.50 each.



Southall Observer is in hiatus after the October 2010 issue, and back on production on January 2011 issue.