House of Representatives (Quebec)

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House of Representatives
Seal of the House of Representatives of Quebec.svg
Preceded by
Aidan McGrath
since 24 January 2019
Vice President
Jack Morris
since 24 January 2019
Logan Lott
since 24 January 2019
Black Rod
Tyler Boyle
since 4 March 2019
Seats of quebec.svg
Political groups
  Socialist: 5 seats
  Republican: 2 seats
  Theodorist: 1 seat
  Social Liberal: 1 seat
  Monarchist: 1 seat
Meeting place
De facto: Quebec discord server
De jure: Île à Dumais

The House of Representatives of Quebec is the only legislative branch of the Republic of Quebec. The House of Representatives is a democratically elected body, consisting of a Representative elected from each city in the Republic; at present, totaling two. Representatives are elected using the first-past-the-post system, with each city required to have an election for its Representative no less than every five years.