Micronations World Cup

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Micronations World Cup
µicronations World Cup™ Trophy
Number of teams24 Micronations
Current championsRino-Island-flag.jpg Rino Island (1st title)
Most successful team(s)Flag of the Democratic Republic of Belia.png Belia (2th titles)
Television broadcastersList of broadcasters

Officially µicronations World Cup™' and popularly known as Micro-World Cup is the highest football tournament developed in the micronationalism, it is managed by the Confederación Micronacional de Fútbol Asociación,COMIFA By acronym in spanish and is played every 3 years since 2016 and currently has the Participation of 24 micronations and only in 2018 this tournament was not developed for organizational reasons, the motto of the tournament is "Let the Peoples Play" this as it encompasses micronationalism and the marginalized regions of the world showing that soccer unites the passion of people and cross borders.

The Throphy

The µicronations World Cup™ is an annual sporting event and, like any international event, has its own trophy, it has a square marble base 13 cm wide and 3 cm high, the body and the casserole are made of stained metal Gold colored both forming a total of 15 cm high, and has been kept as the official µicronations World Cup™ trophy since 2016.

The History

In 2015, a meeting was held between federations of the Persian Football Federation with the directions of the Republic of Fitberland so that in 2016 an Association Football tournament was organized, this tournament had a great impact since for the first edition there was supported by 16 micronations.

The ante room of 2016

Fitberland and Persian had agreed to be the headquarters of the First Micro-world, but after a decline of Fitberland only one Persian was confirmed as the seat of the first micro-world, it should be specified that the event was a complete success granting the headquarters to its Colombian successor the Social States of El Gold 2017.

In 2017 El Dorado organizes the second edition of the micro-world with a participation of 16 micronations and in this event the Democratic Republic of Belia will be crowned as Two-time Micronational Champion.

South America presents great interest in micro-national football since before El Dorado it is presented on an island of Rino as the venue for the tournament, it opts for El Dorado after the island of Rino, when Francisco Gómez's dictatorship refused to participate in the Cup. .

In 2018, the Micronation World Cup failed to carry out after internal problems of the Organizing Committee itself and after the Republic of Svetlorussia, who was the headquarters of that microworld, announced its contamination.

For 2019 the micronations of Sanghkeilli and Schykille announce their joint candidacy for the organization of the 2019 world micro-world and that the United Kingdom will win after Belia did not participate.

In 2020, the Organizing Committee in a meeting in Parisigrad a few months after playing the world cup in Parisigrad would announce the venues for 2021 and 2022 that would be granted to Vladivaskaya and Pérsico respectively.

List of champions

Competition Tournament Champion
Micronations World Cup FIIFA.png VLADIVAZCAYA 2021 FIIFA.png IN CURSE
Micronations World Cup IntermicroSports.jpg PARISIGRAD 2020 Rino-Island-flag.jpg RINO ISLAND
Micronations World Cup Sangkheilli-Schikylle2019.jpg SANGKHEILI-SCHYKILLE 2019 ReinoIberio.png REINO IBERIO UNIDO
Micronations World Cup Svetlorussia2018.png SVETLORUSSIA 2018 FIIFA.png WITHOUT CHAMPION
Micronations World Cup ElDorado2017.png EL DORADO 2017 Flag of the Democratic Republic of Belia.png BELIA
Micronations World Cup FISA WC2016.png PÉRSICO 2016 Flag of the Democratic Republic of Belia.png BELIA