Micronations World Cup

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Micronations World Cup
Micronations World Cup™ Trophy
Number of teams24 Micronations
Current champions El Dorado (1st title)
Most successful team(s) Belia (2 titles)
Television broadcasterspérsicotv

Previously as the International Cup, and as of 2017 as the Micronations World Cup, it is the maximum championship developed in the micronationalism. Played since 1999, every three years with his omologist the Women's Micronations World Cup. In the current format for micronations, 24 teams compete that together make up the group stage and later the direct elimination phase, these tournaments are managed by the Federation of Intermicronations & Independent Football Associations, FIIFA.

The Throphy

The Micronations World Cup trophy is the incentive officially awarded to the winner of the current edition contest, it was officially implemented in 1999 to the winner of the defunct "International Cup" which is now known as the Micronations World CupBetween April and May 2021 the FIIFA announced a contest to obtain a new official trophy which would be created by the same micronations that wished to compete and on May 3, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. the winner of the said contest I feel the micronation of the name Graecia.

The old trophy was the incentive awarded in the International Cups of 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014. And it was also awarded in the editions of the Micronations World Cup after its merger with the International Cup in the editions of 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020. In 2018 the trophy was not awarded as there was no tournament. For the year 2021 and from then on the new trophy will be awarded


The FISA International Cup, was the maximum football event developed from 1999 to 2014 in the six editions that it had which were organized continuously every 3 years, it was considered the largest interactive competition between senior teams, after completing the 2014 edition, the Socialist Football Association Federation and the Chernivian Football Federation approached the then FISA, to develop a special edition for micronations and for this FISA decides to create the Organizing Commission for the World Cup of Micronations in 2015, taking into account that the continuity line of the maximum tournament was respected, merging the International Cup with the now World Cup of Micronations and having its first edition 2017.