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Federation International & Interactive of Football Association
Official flag of FIIFA.
Headquarter Pé, Pérsico

Official language(s) English & Spanish

Members 24 Micronations

Incumbent Chairman(s) Pé Pérsico
President Gamaliel Rodriguez

Foundation October 2015
Objective Develope the Football Soccer in the micronationalism

Official Contacts [1]

Officially "Federación Internacional e Interactiva de Fútbol Asociación, FIIFA (by acronym in spanish)" Is an Football Organization, that have the mission to develope the Rules, and the Football formats around the micronationalism, FIIFA Organising his own championship called Micronations World Cup since 2016. The only year that the FIIFA has been stoped the championship is in 2018 for the iself disolution of Svetlorussia the host micronation.