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Federation Interactive and Intermicronational Football Association
Official flag of FIIFA
Headquarter EUS.png CyberCity, United Socialist States

Official language(s) English & Spanish

Members 23 Micronations

Incumbent Chairman(s) EUS.png United Socialist States
President Jesus Rodriguez Arellano

Foundation May 2016
Objective Organizing the Micronations World Cup, and other tournaments related by the Football Association

Official Contacts [1]

Officially Federation Interactive & Inter-micronational Football Association and well know FIIFA is a one sporting organization, the mission of this organization is gestioned the Football Association in the micronationalism, the have the control of the Micronations World Cup and is an official sponsor of the Micronational Olympic Games wel know as Microlympic Games. This Thanks that they have a mutual recognition with the Intermicronational Olympic Committee