2016 Micronations World Cup

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I Micronations World Cup
I Copa Mundial de Micronaciones
2016 Micronations World Cup official logo
Tournament details
Host countryPérsico.mx.png Pérsico
DatesJune at july, 2016.
Teams12 (from 4 confederations)
Venue(s)(in 3 host cities)
Final positions
ChampionsArmenio-argentina.png Comunidad Armenio-Argentina
Runners-up Abkhazia
Third placePérsico.mx.png Pérsico
Fourth placeBandera El Dorado.PNG El Dorado
Tournament statistics
Matches played12
Goals scored60 (5 per match)
Attendance745.256 (62 per match)

The 2016 Micronations World Cup It was the first edition of said contest, it was played between the months of June and July in the United Socialist States, commonly known as Pérsico, it was the first edition under the new micronation format and the seventh within the continuity line of the FIIFA Universe. and it was the first time that a Mexican Micronation hosted such a tournament and that it had the participation of 12 micronations including two CONIFA members and two CSNF members.

Venue Selection

The venue was selected in June 2016 after a meeting of the Organizing Committee, In this competition there were 3 stadiums located in Cybercity and one more in Francocanada.

Competition Format

The original Format of the World Cup of Micronations is designed so that 12 Micronations compete having a Preliminary Round and 4 of the 12 Micronations qualify directly to the Quarterfinals, it is worth mentioning that all the games are to Direct Elimination, and that after finishing The 90 Min. penalties are played in the event of a tie.

Knockout Phase

Preliminarie Round



Third Place