Continental Europe Micronational Football Association

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Continental Europe Micronational Football Association
TypeSports organisation
Membership5 member Associations
Parent organizationMFA

The Continental Europe Micronational Football Association, commonly known as (CEMFC) is the continental governing body for association football in Europe (Excluding the British Isles who are covered by the BUMFA) and contains all MFA members located in continental Europe. CEMFA consists of five national associations members. CEMFA members are eligible for the World Cup, European Championships and the Atlantic Cup.


Code Rank FA Team Points World Rank Founded MFA Affliation
1 FCSC St.Charlie 48 4 2009 2009
2 Aden Aden 0 N/A 2013 2013
= SSJ Juclandia 0 N/A 2013 2013
= ÖFF Aden Öokko 0 N/A 2011 2011
= RPFU Aden Pavlov 0 N/A 2012 2012

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