2013 MFA World Cup/Rukoran Host Bid

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The campaign started when Rukora confirmed entry into 2013 MFA World Cup. The bid has been officially submitted and all the information can be found on this page.


Rukora used the fact that Gatwick Airport is within its boundries in the campaign. And there won't be a large need for car hire (Anything thats not within walking distance can be reached by train or bus). The video points out a lot of the possitive side to the Rukoran bid including the number of places to stay and local attractions (Hotels include many nice places at Gatwick Airport and a massive number of guest houses). Attractions include Crawley and Redhill which both contain large shopping centres, London is not to far, the large number of local restaurants and the large number of nearby transport. It also states that a WC Final performance will happen and be of good quality.


These are the most probable pitches to be used. Number of pitches are in brackets. Most of the capacities are estimates and are total capacity, not number of seats. 


  • Court Lodge Playing Pitches (2-4) Capacity app 1,000 each


  • Broadfield Stadium 3G Astroturf (3) Capacity: app 100 each
  • K2 Lesiure Astroturf (3) Capacity: Unknown


The bid team are not writing an official song but instead, are opening a song writing competition, should Rukora win the right to host the competition.


The matchdays are are follows:

  • A1 vs A2: Saturday 23rd June 2013
  • A3 vs A4: Saturday 23rd June 2013
  • B1 vs B2: Sunday 24th June 2013
  • B3 vs B4: Sunday 24th June 2013
  • A1 vs A3: Tuesday 26th June 2013
  • A2 vs A4: Tuesday 26th June 2013
  • B1 vs B3: Wednesday 27th June 2013
  • B2 vs B4: Wednesday 27th June 2013
  • A1 vs A4: Friday 29th June 2013
  • A2 vs A3: Friday 29th June 2013
  • B1 vs B4: Saturday 30th June 2013
  • B2 vs B3: Saturday 30th June 2013
  • Semi Final 1: Tuesday 2nd July 2013
  • Semi Final 2: Wednesday 3rd July 2013
  • 3rd Place Playoff: Friday 5th July 2013
  • Final: Saturday 6th July 2013

The way the matches are set out were done to make sure that nations didn't have to spend as much on hotel and travel costs, leaving nations more money to spend on other things. It also leaves gaps between certain matches not just so players can have rest but also, they can visit places and go on diplomatic missions to places they otherwise couldn't do otherwise (Austenasia, Moylurg, Landashir and even Sealand are not too far away).

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