MFA America Cup/Agnorr Host Bid

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Logo for application.

The Republic of Agnorr is a bidding nation for 2012 or 2014 MFA America Cup one of the first micronational soccer tournaments for the MFA. The submittion of the bid was approved the AFF Chairman and President Zachary S. The bid was submitted to the President of the MFA, Barnaby Hands. It is not yet known if any other bids will be submitted although Burkland are also possible hosts.

The Agnorr American Cup bid is currently the only bid with 1 confirmed stadium and 5 other that are being considered to also host matches. Each field is youth sized and located within or just outside of the Borders of Agnorr. There is also one non-football specific field that could also be used if needed. That stadium is a gridiron field with seats for spectators.