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Confederation of Micronational Football in The Americas
TypeSports organisation
Membership8 member Associations
Parent organizationMFA

The Confederation of Micronational Football in The Americas, also known as COMFITA is the administrative body for association football in the North America and South America. It is one of four continental confederations of world football's governing body MFA. COMFITA consists of seven national associations members. COMFITA members are eligible for the World Cup, Atlantic Cup and the America Cup.


Code Rank FA Team Points World Rank Founded MFA Affliation
1 AFA Agnorr Agnorr 0 N/A 2012 2012
= Akharnes Akharnes 0 N/A 2012 2012
= Eran Eran 0 N/A 2012 2012
= CKF koss Koss 0 N/A 2012 2012
= koss New America 0 N/A 2011 2011
= Oasis Islands Oasis Islands 0 N/A 2012 2012
= TNSL Oasis Islands Tiana 0 N/A 2010 2010

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