National anthem of Vertigo

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National Anthem of Vertigo
National Anthem of Vertigo
PoVertigo CoA 2.png
Coat of arms of Vertigo
Anthem ofPresidency of Vertigo
LyricsInstrumental only
MusicJohann Nepomuk Hummel
Adopted08 March 2015

The National Anthem of Vertigo is the official anthem of the Presidency of Vertigo. The anthem does not have any lyrics currently. The music is part of an instrumental trumpet piece, by J.N. Hummel.


The Government of Vertigo felt that the temporal national anthem, "Vertigan Spring" (a small clip of Spring, the Four Seasons by Vivaldi) was not a great anthem, and not many citizen of Vertigo liked that anthem. Therefore, they've decided to look for a new national anthem.


The National Anthem of Vertigo is currently only an instrumental one.
The Government of Vertigo announced that soon, there'll be a lyrics contest. People will be allowed to write their own lyrics for the anthem, and the chosen lyrics will become the official national anthem lyrics.