Burklandi government-in-exile

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Marxist People's Republic of Burkland
Flag of Burklandi government-in-exile
Coat of arms of Burklandi government-in-exile
Coat of arms
Motto: "Fom nors beginn awi haci noever goft"
Translation: "From our start we've never left"
Official languagesBurklandi, German, English and Zealandian
GovernmentDe facto authoritarian presidential republic
EstablishmentJuly 9, 2011 (foundation)
March 2, 2014 (exile)
• (members of Congress) census

The Burklandi government-in-exile, or officially the Marxist[1] People's Republic of Burkland, was a government that claimed to be the legal continuation of the MPRB. The government didn't claim to be a sovereign entity nor did it wish to become one.

The stated goal of the government-in-exile is to promote the Burklandi identity. This was partially spurred by the romantic admiration of the pre-Zealandian Burkland by citizens and allies.

On April 10, 2018, though The Online Burklandi, the President announced she regretted a lot of her past behaviour as a micronationalist and that the MPRB would be dissolved for good on May 27, 2018.[2]

Claims to legitimacy

Its claim to legitimacy was centered around the wrong[3] idea that the government wasn't officially dissolved. This idea interpreted official dissolution as requiring the consent of the government in question, which wasn't given in the context of Burkland. However, the government was de facto dissolved when Zealandia ceded Burklandi land to Legatia. Coming to this conclusion the president used her powers as head of state to declare that government activities were being resumed. Later she organized a new congress to aid with the revival.

Foreign relations

One of the causes of the fall of the original Burkland was the foreign relations. Many other micronations complained about what they claimed was an aggressive diplomatic outreach. As with such the President has supported the new government having an isolationist foreign policy for "the benefit of Burkland and the micronational community at large".

References and notes

  1. The government has no longer adopted a Marxist agenda. It keeps the name to maintain a link to original Burklandi government.
  2. https://theonlineburklandi.wordpress.com/2018/04/11/president-announces-the-dissolution-of-burkland/
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