Kingdom of Caeruleus

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Kingdom of Caeruleus
Flag of Kingdom of Caeruleus
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Caeruleus
Coat of arms
Motto: Parva Et Magna (Small Yet Mighty)
Anthem: [
LocationUnited States
Largest cityConculius
Official languagesEnglish, Latin
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Head of State
King Lewis
• Head of government
Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus
LegislatureCaerulean Constitution
Establishment2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014)
• Census
10 (16 Citizens)
CurrencyCaerulean Pecuniam

The Kingdom of Caeruleus is a micronation based in the United States of America. The kingdom is ruled by His Majesty, King Lewis, and governed by Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus. The nation consists of a house in California named Opulentus, another house located in Maryland named Conculius, a nature area named Nepenthes and a rocky tied island named Wavecrest.


The name "Caeruleus" (pronounced suh-rule-e-is) comes from the Latin adjective Caeruleus (this time pronounced ka-rule-us) meaning blue, which is the country's national color.



For centuries, the United States of America controlled all of what is now known as Caeruleus. This changed in early Quadramense 84 (late December 2013), when the Kingdom of Juddlandia was established on the territory of Opulentus. The micronation soon underwent extensive name changing, later being known as the Principality of Juddlandia, then switching back to the original title, and finally the Kingdom of Caeruleus, which was unofficially started in Duomense 85 (July or August 2014). From that time to 2 Doumense 85 (22 December 2014), Caeruleus was technically a non-independent micronation, having no formal claims to sovereignty until the Constitution of 85 was signed. During this period, the kingdom was thoroughly planned, with such importnant things as territories, names and flags created. The Caerulean wiki page was also created during this period.

First Year

On 2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014), the Constitution of 85 was signed, making Caeruleus an independent micronation. A feast was also held in the Opulentus Dining Hall, the historic First Independence Feast. Duomense 86 (August 2015) was another big month in Caerulean history, with adoption of the Caerulean Pecuniam taking place and also the coronation of King Lewis. It is also to be noted that this era has seen the annexation of Conculius.

Second Year

In Quadramense 86 (December 2015), Caeruleus celebrated its one year anniversary with the Second Independance Feast. Just days after, the kingdom celebrated King Lewis' Plastic Jubilee, where His Majesty was given a plastic scepter while enjoying a special meal. Duomense 87 (July/August 2016) saw the creation of the Caerulean YouTube channel and a Caerulean Email, plus the annexation of Wavecrest and Nepenthes.


King Lewis and Queen Patricia.


Caeruleus celebrates 18 official holidays, including New Years Day (1 Unumense or 21 March), Day of Good Heat (1 Duomense or 21 June), Day of Good Harvest (1 Triamense or 21 September), Day of Good Freezing (1 Quadramense or 21 December), Caerulean Independence Day (2 Quadramense or 22 December), Christmas (5 Quadramense or 25 December), King Lewis' Birthday, Queen Patricia's Birthday, Sir Jack's Birthday, Princess Catherine's Birthday, Princess Allison's Birthday, Prince Francis' Birthday, Prince Clifford's Birthday, Princess Stephanie's Birthday, Madame Helena's Birthday, Sir Henry's Birthday, Sir Spencer's Birthday, and Sir Miles' Birthday. Besides these, many Caeruleans also celebrate non-official holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving or even American Independence Day.


Another unique thing about Caeruleus is the use of the "Caerulean Calendar". Instead of basing the calendar off of the birth of Jesus Christ, it is based off the birth of King Lewis. There are four months (called sub-years), consisting of Unumense (Spring), Duomemse (Summer), Triamense (Autumn) and Quadramense (Winter). This means if it's 21 June 2015 on the Gregorian Calendar, it's 1 Duomense 86 on the Caerulean Calendar.

National Symbols

The flag of Caeruleus is a simple but fairly unique design. The flag includes a black dove, with the dove signifying peace, and the black signifying power. In the background, a blue strip is shown, with the blue standing for beauty, over a white foreground, standing for harmony. The coat of arms is blue (the national color), with a crown in the center. The name and motto of Caeruleus is also shown. The newly adopted anthem "Classical Gas", is a song composed by artist Mason Williams.


Caeuleus has a interesting and developing cuisine. Hugely influenced by the neighboring United States of America, many foods and drinks have nonetheless developed uniquely, such as the Caerulean punch (lemonade mixed with clementine izzy), the national drink, and Dorito Eggs (scrambled eggs with crumbled Doritos mixed in during cooking), the national dish.


The Kingdom of Caeruleus operates an official YouTube channel, named Kingdom of Caeruleus [1]. Two videos have been posted, one touring Greenlatt Park in Conculius, another touring Opulentus.


The human demographic makeup for the Kingdom of Caeruleus is currently 91.7% White (11 citizens), 8.3% Asian (1 citizen), 0.0% Black (0 citizens), 0.0% Hispanic (0 citizens), and 0.0% Other (0 citizens). This adds up to a total of 12 human citizens (75.0% of Caeruleus), not counting the four non-human citizens, who make up 25.0% of the populous. Caeruleans also have a diverse amount of backgrounds, with ancestors hailing from England, Wales, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, and South Korea.


Caeruleus is a constitutional monarchy, with King Lewis holding no real authority over the nation.


Caerulean Parliament, the sole governing body of the kingdom, decides the laws and such of Caeruleus. Made up of Sir Henry I, Duke of Caeruleus, and Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus (who also serves as prime minister), members must all agree in unison before anything can pass. Parliament is headed by the prime minister, who may also add or banish members.


Caeruleus currently consists of nine ministries, all of which are headed by the prime minister.

  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Treasury
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Human Services
  • Ministry of Foreign Relations
  • Ministry of Agriculture

Members of Government

Law and Order


Crime in the Kingdom of Caeruleus is officially handled by the Kingdom of Caeruleus Police Department. The one man police department, consisting solely of Sir Henry I, Duke of Caeruleus (who also serves as constable), has authority to send possible lawbreakers to court. As the kingdom enjoys such low crime rates (an average of zero per year), the police force has never been used.

Court of Law

Because it is such a small nation, Caeruleus has only one level of courts. The Kingdom of Caeruleus Court of Law is currently made up of two individuals, Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus and Sir Henry I, Duke of Caeruleus, with Sir Jack serving as judge and Sir Henry serving as jury. The court of law has never been used before.

Foreign Relations

Currently Caeruleus holds diplomatic relations with only one other micronation, but is always open to establishing more. Despite the poor foreign relations, Caeruleus currently recognizes all 193 UN members, plus Taiwan, Kosovo, and The Vatican. Micronations that have been granted automatic recognition include Sealand, Hutt River, Atlantium, Liberland and Seborga. Since 59 Duomense 87 (18 August 2016), the Kingdom of Caeruleus has also recognized the Kingdom of Shorewell as a sovereign state. Foreign relations are handled by the Kingdom of Caeruleus Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Current Relations

Defunct Relations