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Settlement of Conculius
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Maryland, United States
Established1 Duomense 86 (21 June 2015)
Area claimed1133 Square Meters
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (EST)

Conculius (officially the Settlement of Conculius) is a territory and settlement of the Kingdom of Caeruleus. It is the most populous territory, with six inhabitants, and incorporates 1133 square meters of land in the US state of Maryland.

View of Conculius Manor


The name "Conculius" derives from the Latin noun of conculium, chosen to honor Queen Patricia's favorite color, purple.


The building itself was built in 5 BL or 6 BL (1923), however the home was not inhabited by Caeruleans until 75 (2004). The current residents are Prince Clifford, Princess Stephanie, Duke Henry, Duke Miles, Val, and Calvin. From Quadramense 85 (January 2015) to Triamense 86 (August 2015), there was a territorial dispute with Sir Henry I, Duke of Caeruleus. This was a very short dispute, and was only active for a day or two. Despite the dispute, the settlement was officially incorporated on 1 Duomense 86 (21 June 2015), with a flag being adopted. On 22 Unumense 86 (10 April 2015), Conculius officially became the most populated settlement in Caeruleus after Bow, a beloved royal dog living in Opulentus, died. Soon after that, on Duomense 86 (September 2015), Conculius' population officially became 6 with the adoption of Calvin the dog, Caeruleus' newest citizen.


Although officially under the rule of the United States of America, Conculius still follows the laws of Caeruleus, enforced by a viceroyal, who is appointed by the prime minister. Currently, a viceroyal has not been decided for the settlement, however one will be decided soon.

Places of Interest

The Conculius Manor is a four story, 1920s home where the residents of Conculius reside. It holds five bedrooms, two of them used for guests, five bathrooms, a kitchen, dining hall, game room, three lounge quarters, and an office. On the grounds, the Conculius Carport, Greenblatt Path, Greenblatt Green (an open green space adjacent to the Greenblatt Path), Gate of Conculius (a Caerulean National Monument) and Greenblatt Park, a lovely park equipped with extensive lawns, gardens, a trampoline, broken swing set, and Greenblatt Square, a bricked area with chairs and tables. From the top of the park is the Deck of Conculius, where residents and guests alike enjoy many meals and such.

Flora and Fauna

A wide range of fauna is found in Conculius, including human, dog, rabbit and even deer. Flora consists of oaks, roses, and numerous other plants native to the area.

Rabbit in Greenblatt Park
Greenblatt Park


Conculius has a humid subtropical climate, with mild autumns and springs, cold winters and hot summers.


Conculius' flag was adopted on 1 Duomense 86, or 21 June 2015. It is designed similar to the regular Caerulean flag, however the white and blue background is replaced with various shades of purple.