Queen Patricia

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HRM Queen Patricia I
Her Royal Majesty Queen Patricia I, Queen Consort of the Kingdom of Caeruleus, Governess of Imperium, Vicereine of Opulentus, Countess of Intrinsecus, Countess of Principium, Countess of Tincidunt

Reign Since 2 Quadramense 85

(22 December 2014)

Spouse King Lewis
Born Duomense 17 (1946), United States of America IPhone image 2015-6-12-1436731445834 0.jpg

Queen Patricia is the current queen consort of the Kingdom of Caeruleus. She has held this title since 2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014).


Queen Patricia was born in Duomense 17 (1946) in the United States of America. She married King Lewis some time in the 40s (1970s). On 2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014), she became the queen consort of the Kingdom of Caeruleus. She currently resides in the Caerulean Royal Palace in Opulentus and owns two living dogs.