Lewis I of Caeruleus

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HRM King Lewis I
His Royal Majesty King Lewis I, 1st monarch of the Kingdom of Caeruleus

Reign Since 2 Quadramense 85

(22 December 2014)

Predecessor Throne Established
Successor Incumbent
Spouse Queen Patricia
Born Quadramense 0 (1930), United States of America IPhone image 2015-6-12-1436731502675 0.jpg

His Royal Majesty King Lewis I is the first and current monarch of Caeruleus. He has been ruling since 2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014).

King Lewis getting coronated


HRM King Lewis was born Quadramense 0 (1930), in the United States of America. Later in life, he became a doctor and was also an avid traveler. In the 20s (1950s), Lewis adopted 2 girls, Princess Allison and Princess Catherine. He also had one daughter, Princess Stephanie, in the 30s (1960s). In the 40s (1970s), Lewis married Queen Patricia, then just known as Patricia. On 2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014) he became the 1st monarch of the Kingdom of Caeruleus, and his coronation took place on 52 Duomense 86 (11 August 2015). 2 Quadramense 86 also marked an important milestone in King Lewis' reign, with the celebration of his Plastic Jubilee (1 year), where he was awarded a plastic scepter. He currently resides in the Caerulean Royal Palace in Opulentus, and owns 2 living dogs

King Lewis on his royal throne
King Lewis' royal throne