Caerulean Monarchy

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Monarch of Caeruleus
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King Lewis

Style His Majesty
Heir presumptive Queen Patricia
First monarch King Lewis
Formation 2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014)

Since the nations official fouding on 2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014), the Kingdom of Caeruleus has run under a constitutional monarchy. The title of king/queen is given to the monarch, however their spouse will also get the title of king/queen, but will actually just be a king/queen consort. The current monarch is King Lewis.


Caeruleus has had a long history of monarchy. Previously, the Principality of Juddlandia and the Kingdom of Juddlandia were both ruled by King Lewis and Queen Patricia. When the Kingdom of Caeruleus was officially founded on 2 Quadramense 85 (22 December 2014), they (King Lewis and Queen Patricia) were declared the new monarchs of the nation. In Unumense 86 (June 2015), the joint reign of Lewis and Patricia ended, and Lewis was declared sole monarch.


The monarch holds limited power in the Kingdom of Caeruleus, although the head of state does have the power to knight/de-knight people. Other powers that the monarch will hold will be sorted out in the near future.

Line of Secession

Similar to some other nations, the Kingdom of Caeruleus does not put male citizens before female citizens in the the line of secession. The line simply goes from eldest of the Caerulean royal family to youngest of the Caerulean royal family (with the exception of Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus, who currently is 2nd in line for the throne but youngest in the royal family). As of Duomense 86 (July 2015), the line of secession goes in this order:

King Lewis I (Current)

Queen Patricia I

Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus

•Princess Allison I

•Princess Catherine I

•Prince Francis I

•Prince Clifford I

•Princess Stephanie I

•Madame Helena I, Duchess of Caeruleus

•Sir Henry I, Duke of Caeruleus

•Sir Spencer I, Duke of Caeruleus

•Sir Miles I, Duke of Caeruleus