Kingdom of Juddlandia

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For the micronation of a similar name, see Juclandia

The Kingdom of Juddlandia is a defunct micronation based in San Diego, California. It is now named The Kingdom of Caeruleus The micronation is based on an estimated half acre residential home on Mesa Way, La Jolla, which is a neighborhood of San Diego. It also is planning to take over an area of Windansea beach, and a wilderness area. Some other interesting nuggets about Juddlandia is that is one if the least populated countries in the world (Population 5, 3 of them dogs) and it is ruled by his all imperial majesty King Lewis |, and her all imperial majesty Queen Patricia |, along with Prime Minister Jack, and the rest of the House of Judd's. The capital is the Imperial City of JuddWyvria and it runs on the Juddlandia time zone (JTZ) which is 43 seconds ahead of California time.


The Country was first started somewhere in late December 2013 while the now Prime Minister, Jack Judd was taking a vacation to see his grandparents for Christmas. The country was founded lightly, and not taking serious until about a day or two into it. At first, the Kingdom was a little fantastical, but over time the Kingdom has grown into a quite serious micronation. After he left, Juddlandia became inactive from the months of January to February, until the wiki was set up in March. Ever since then, The Prime Minister has regularly been working on the Juddlandia wiki.

House of Judd's

The House of Judd's is the royal family that has almost absolute power over the Kingdom, the family comprises of King Lewis, Queen Patricia, Prince Clifford, Prince Frank, Princess Allison, Princess Catherine, Princess Stephanie, Duke Henry, Duke Miles, Duke Spencer, Duchess Helena, and Prime Minister Jack. The House of Judd's has 40% rule over Juddlandia (45% US government, 10% common sense, 5% what the people want).