Principality of Juddlandia

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The Principality of Juddlandia
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California, United States
Capital cityJuddWyveria (Now Opulentus)
Largest cityJuddWyveria
Short nameJuddlandia
- Head of StateKing Lewis

Juddlandia is a defunct micronation based in San Diego, California. The nation is now called Kingdom of Caeruleus. The principality was ruled by His Majesty, King Lewis |, and Her Majesty, Queen Patricia |. The complex in which the nation was based on is mainly supported by concrete, and it includes a royal palace, government office, two guest rooms, lounge room, kitchen, dining hall, laundry hall, storage hall, customs station, carport, courtyard, three bathrooms, royal terrace, orchid farm, lawn area, military base, and closets scattered around the area. Juddlandias served by the Juddlandia sea, Juddlandia hot springs, and the royal Juddlandia lemon tree. The country also has a small gift shop, and bookshelves and exhibits scatter the property.The capital is JuddWyvria, and some planned additions include a Juddlandia currency, library, post office, improved gift shop, vegetable garden, improved customs station, and other things here and there. Along with the King and Queen, Juddlandia is ruled by Jack Judd, the Prime Minister, who brings Juddlandia into the micronational world. Juddlandia has an estimated population of 16 people, 5 living in Juddlandia, and 3 dogs.



Juddlandias rich, laid back capital, JuddWyvria (Now Opulentus) is home to 100% of Juddlandias territory, and its only form outside the Internet, and Jacks mind. It is also were everything in Juddlandia is located.


Juddlandia was founded in December 2013 as the Kingdom of Juddlandia, it was relatively quickly changed to the Principality, and became the worlds first Prince-Kingdom, being technically a kingdom, but being called a principality because the prime minister accidentally put Principality of Juddlandia instead of the Kingdom of Juddlandia for his name when he was making an account, so he just went with the flow. Anyways, (we like to keep it very conversational in Juddlandia) for the first week Prime Minister Jack worked very hard on the Principality, and Juddlandia is still a developing micronation and is planned to be finished in 2015. Not much happened between January–February until March 2014 when the wiki was set up.

House of Judd's

The House of Judd's is the government seat and has 40% (50% US government, 10% common sense.) control over Juddlandia. The house consists of King Lewis, Queen Patricia, Prime Minister Jack, Princess Catherine, Princess Allison, Princess Stephanie, Prince Clifford, Prince Frank, Duke Henry, Duke Miles, Duke Spencer, and Duchess Helena. Each Member is planned to have a separate Colour standard.

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Juddlandians are known for there hospitality, intelligence, and happiness. They have a lot of feasts for holidays and occasions and are also known for there food. Steak is a big one for royals, but locals Prefer dog food. Juddlandia is also known to have one of the most percentages of atheists than any other country.

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Juddlandia sea

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The Juddlandia sea is a small swimming pool in JuddWyvria, at its deepest, it is around eight feet deep, and it includes a jacuzzi, named the Juddlandia hot springs. Visitors love to swim in it, and some other names for it are 'the swimming pool' or just 'the pool'

Foreign relations

The Principality of Juddlandia is very open to foreign relations, and the House of Judd's would be very pleased if another micronation made contact with us. Doing so is very easy, and no papers have to be signed for recognition of other micronations by Juddlandia.

Flora and Fauna

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Juddlandia is known for its elegant beauty, with a strong Mexican-Asian heir to it. JuddWyvria is known for its line of yellow bamboo on its border and freshly cut, green, grassy lawns. Cacti is also present thought the nation, and blue sky's and warm temperatures cradle him( The country ). Some spots of Juddlandia that vividly brings out its Beauty are the orchid farm, terrace, courtyard, and lawn area. Animals include Humans, Dogs, Lizards, and the occasional bird or mosquito.