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Settlement of Opulentus
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California, United States
Established1 Duomense 86 (21 June 2015)
Area claimed905 Square Meters
Time zoneOpulentian Time

Opulentus is the capital of the Kingdom of Caeruleus, and with a population of 4, is the second largest settlement after Conculius (Opulentus' population was previously tied with Conculius' population until well loved royal dog Bow died on 22 Unumense 86 or 10 April 2015). Opulentus is also home to the Caerulean Royal Palace, where King Lewis and Queen Patricia reside.

View of the District of Tincidunt
Entrance to the Caerulean Royal Palace


The name "Opulentus" comes from a Latin word meaning "rich and powerful", signifying Caeruleus' strength and wealth.


Opulentus was built in 19 or 20 (1949). It is unknown who the first owners were, but an Egyptian family were inhabiting the territory previously. From Quadramense 84 (December 2013) to Triamense 85 (July or August 2014), the Juddlandic States operated on the territory now known as Opulentus, with the Caerulean Royal Palace serving as the capital, JuddWyvria. Opulentus soon went through a series of name changes, including Imperial City and Augusta, finally settling on the current name by the time the constitution was signed. Many historic events took place in the territory, such as the signing of the constitution, the first independence day feast, and King Lewis' coronation. 1 Duomense 86 (21 June 2015) was another big day in Opulentian history, as Opulentus was, along with Conculius, officially incorporated, with a flag being adopted the same day.


Opulentus follows all rules of the Kingdom of Caeruleus, as well as American laws (all Caeruleans have duel citizenship). Officially, a viceroyal heads the settlement under guidance of the prime minister, however one has not been decided yet.

The Caerulean Capitol Room
Opulentus Jail

Places of Interest

In the District of Principium, Judd Road, the only road in Opulentus, makes its home. This district is also home to the Independance Flag, which hangs from a guest bedroom window. In the District of Intrinsecus, the Caerulean Royal Palace, which holds the Royal Bedroom, two guest bedrooms, the Capitol Room, Royal Dining Hall, Royal Kitchen, Royal Lounging Quarters, three bathrooms, Royal Laundry Room, and Royal Garage. Also in the district is the Princess Catherine Courtyard, Gate of Opulentus, and Queen Patricia Botanical Gardens. Finally, in the District of Tincidunt, the popular Pool of Opulentus, Jacuzzi of Opulentus, Deck of Opulentus, Helena's Corner, Opulentus Jail, Queen Patricia Orchid Farm and King Lewis Park, which in turn holds the Fountain of Independance and the Lemon Tree of Opulentus.

Queen Patricia Orchid Farm
Fountain of Independence
Flag of Independence, the world's largest Caerulean flag, hanging from the Caerulean Royal Palace
Sir Jack Pottery Garden in Duchess Helena's Corner
Caerulean Border in Opulentus
King Lewis Park
Opulentus Fountain in Princess Catherine Courtyard
Royal Dining Hall
Princess Catherine Courtyard
Imperium Road

Flora and Fauna

In terms of flora, Opulentus is known for its bamboo that populates the western and eastern fringes. Bougainvillea is found in Queen Patricia Botanical Gardens, and banana plants are found in the District of Tincidunt. Plumeria, bird of paradise, ficus tree, orchid and lemon tree are also some notable plants found in the territory. As for fauna, humans, dogs, birds and various insects are present.

Lemon Tree of Opulentus
Queen Patricia Botanical Gardens
Plumeria in Princess Catherine Courtyard
Bird of Paradise in King Lewis Park
Bougainvillea in Queen Patricia Botanical Gardens
Pool of Opulentus
Caerulean Border Crossing in Opulentus


Opulentus has a Mediterranean climate, with largely mild weather. Snowfall is very uncommon. It is believed Opulentus has experienced temperatures as high as 44° Celsius (111° Fahrenheit), and temperatures as low as -4° Celsius (25° Fahrenheit).


On 1 Duomense 86 (21 June 2015), the same day the settlement was incorporated, an official flag was adopted. It features the same exact colors of the regular Caerulean flag, but is arranged in a way to make it appear as if the black dove is flying over a body of water. This design is in honor of the Pool of Opulentus, a popular recreational landmark, and the largest Caerulean body of water.