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Territory of Nepenthes
—  Territory of Caeruleus  —
Nation Kingdom of Caeruleus
 - Viceroyal Sir Jack I, Duke of Caeruleus
 - Total 0

Nepenthes, officially the Territory of Nepenthes, is a territory of the Kingdom of Caeruleus, located within the Provence of Imperium.


Nepenthes means "plant" in Latin. This name was chosen due to the extensive wildlife Nepenthes holds.


In Duomense 87 (August 2016), the Territory of Nepenthes was declared an official territory of the Kingdom of Caeruleus, effectively annexed from the United States of America. Right before annexation, Sir Jack and Sir Henry made several trips up to the area, placing border signs and Caerulean flags.


As part of Caeruleus, Nepenthes is governed by the national government, with HRH Sir Henry I, Duke of Caeruleus appointed as viceroy. In Caerulean law, viceroyals are appointed by the prime minister to govern over a specific territory/settlement, at the most local level. A Viceroyal's main job is provide upkeep and supervision. Nepenthes is also managed by the governor of Imperium, Queen Patricia.

Places of Interest

Nepenthes is gifted with great views and hiking. Located on the side of a hill, a tricky (but nonetheless enjoyable) hike to the top gives great views overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There are believed to be dozens of trails winding all around the territory, which are sometimes used by non-Caeruleans. The unofficial capital of Nepenthes, Camp Oceanus, is a small campsite overlooking the water. Largely made of brick, the campsite is notable for its random trinkets frequently left by visitors, including seashells, small plastic sea animals, a chipped dime and a wooden pipe. Other interesting points include King Lewis Stream and Sir Jack's Lookout.