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Gentem Superbus" ("Proud nation" from Latin)
Фреблик-страна ("Freblick is country")
Capital city FreblickTown
Largest city Freblick-on-Don
Official language(s) Russian,English,Latin
Demonym Freblickan
- 2 vice-presidents Igor Moshkov, Ilya Turkin
- President Eugene Smagin
Legislature Parliament
Area claimed 0,62sm² (without branches)
Population 28
Currency Fregnik
HDI {{{HDI}}}
Time zone UTC+4
National sport Football


Freblick is a micronation invented in 2012 and founded in 2013. The main territory of nation is Internet, however Freblick has got own branches in many countries, like Croatia,Scotland or Georgia


Name ""Freblick"" consists of words "friend" and "republic". Name of country doesn't need more odd words, like "Freblick Empire" or "Kingdom of Freblick"


Main page - Historical timeline of Freblick

Founder of Freblick- Eugene Smagin started to developed idea of Freblick in 2012. In autumn 2012 he published first issue of FreblickNews, created national football and cricket teams. However, Freblick wasn't popular and it was forgotten until 2013

Fast developing of Freblick started in 2013, when first citizens came in. Freblickans applied for entry to "Russia Micronational Congress", first government appeared. Also, in 2013, Freblick took part in their first war- against Repol

In 2014 Freblick started trying to pass into Micronation World Community. President of Freblick applied for entry to GUM and Micronational Football Association. Also, it was year of sports achievments- Freblick national virtual cricket team took part in Euro-2014 and played well.


Ruling party

Freblick is a republic with a federal division of powers. Parliament consists of three levels. First level is president- he has got 3 votes on every polling and veto. First president of Freblick was chosen at 2014 Freblick Presidential election Second level consists of two deputies with 2 votes. They, along with the president, constitute the upper level, which which is responsible for policy and international relations. Four deputies from the third level took part in secondary surveys about the economics, culture and sports

Politic Parties

Party Leader Seats
1 level (president) 2 level 3 level
Subortus Party Eugene Smagin
1 / 1
2 / 2
3 / 4
National Steamers Vadim Petrenko
0 / 1
0 / 2
1 / 4
Empire of Storm's brothers (former party) Ulfric Stormcloak
0 / 1
0 / 2
0 / 4
Freblick-on-Don Ruslan Mostovoy
0 / 1
0 / 2
0 / 4
Socialist Party Siarhey Gorkovchenko
0 / 1
0 / 2
0 / 4


The composition of the second convocation of Parliament

Level People
1 Eugene Smagin
2 Ilya Turkin,Igor Moshkov (Subortus)
3 Vadim Petrenko(National Steamers), Dmitry Grigoriev,Pavel Ponomarev,Ilya Smelov(Subortus)


Freblick's Ministries comprise of the following:

Ministry Name Party In office since
Agriculture Pavel Ponomarev Subortus 19 August 2013
Education Vadim Petrenko Steamers 19 August 2013
Sport Igor Moshkov Subortus 29 June 2014

Foreign relations

Freblick is young country, so it hasn't got many allies or enemies. Freblickan officially support project of Wirtland, try to find allies in organization like GUM and only enemy is Repol. However, Freblick contact some real countries, having branches or embassies

Recognised; no relations

Countries with Freblick branches or embassies

Full diplomatic relations

Formal relations


  • Noflag.png Repol


Freblick had only one war- against Repol in August, 2013. Repol spies stole ideas of government and anthem from Freblick, so it was a reason to start war. Special Internet Army mobilized that day and started attack on web-capital of Repol- Lampard Town. Critics destabilized work of official Repol group and many visitors stopped to attend Repol website and group. Two days after start of war, both parties signed a peace agreement- Repol became just a country in web RPG game and wasn't able to compete with Freblick anymore. In University of Freblick there are special lessons about Internet Wars.

Geography and climate


As Ashukovo is a transcontinental nation, its climate varies from Federal Subject to Federal Subject. The SunRegion, the most populated region, has a humid continental climate.

Climate data for SunRegion
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 8.6
Average high °C (°F) -12
Average low °C (°F) -17
Record low °C (°F) −42.1
[citation needed]

Flora and Fauna

Lake Senezh, near SunRegion
Typical representative of Freblick's fauna- squirrel

Forests of Freblick are places of living for typical animals, insects and birds. SunRegion is a favorite place for crows, who became an unofficial symbol of region. The most popular trees in Freblick are oaks and birches. Also, there is a big natural place with lots of gooseberry. Lake Senezh near SunRegion is famous for its fish and present oneself as one of the most popular place for fishing.

States and Federal departments

Flag Name Biggest City Population Parliament delegates Head of State
Federal District
Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpg Flatwood D.C. FreblickTown 4 Eugene Smagin (1st level) Eugene Smagin
States and regions
SunCity.jpg SunRegion SunNet 7 Ilya Turkin (2nd level) Denis Plaksin
Rostov.jpg Don Freblick-on-Don 7 --- Ruslan Mostovoy
SunCityFlag.jpg Central Region Central City 6 Igor Moshkov (2nd level)
Pavel Ponomarev, Vadim Petrenko, Dmitry Grigoriev, Ilya Smelov (3rd level)
Pavel Ponomarev
Branches.jpg Branches Croatian,Georgian,Scotish and Latvian Branches 4 --- Temur Bryant



Russian is the most popular language in Freblick, because almost 80% of territory is located in Russia. However, many official names (parties, streets) are written is Latin. Motto of Freblick (Gentem Superbus) is also Latin. English became popular in 2014, when Freblick started approaching to the international community. In Branches national languages (Georgian, Latvian, Croatian) are official, too.


Sport is very popular in Freblick. National sport is football, but surveys show, that virtual cricket is more popular. Freblick national virtual cricket team is well-known all over the world as the strongest team in this sport. Of course Freblick took part in Euro-2014, where got 3 wins from 3 matches. Virtual cricket players from Freblick plays in the best teams of Russian leagues, like West Indies or KNK.

Frelick has got representation in Chinese sport go. Player from Freblick took silver medal in Championship of East Europe 2013, lost only Croatia.

People from Branches love basketball, SunRegion is strong in sepak takraw and team from Freblick-On-Don is the best in futsal


First issue of Freblick News was published in 2012 and told about plan of ideal country and sports news. Now, there are eleven issues of FreblickNews, more famous in Russia as "Magpie". There were interviews with famous people there, like Sergey Chepchugov (goalkeeper of CSKA Moscow). Now there is a website about news of Freblick, consisting some topics, like "football in Freblick"- FreblickPress

Also, special podcasts about Freblick News are preparing.

Important dates

  • 3 March- Official holiday
  • 17 May- Day of Freblick's army
  • 1 June- Official holiday
  • 15 June- Freblick's day
  • 28 August- Gentem Superbus
  • 29 November- Day of Freblickan culture

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