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Motto: "Gentem Superbus" (English: "Proud nation")
Anthem: Фреблик-страна ("Freblick is country")
CapitalFreblick D.C.
Official languagesEnglish, Russian, Latin
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King
Alexandr I
• Prime Minister
Pavel Ponomarev
• (as of 2014 census) census
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Freblick is a micronation, which idea was presented in 2012, however it wasn't active until 2013. While most of its citizens came from the World Wide Web, country had lots of claimed lands in Russia and several embassies in countries like United Kingdom, Georgia and Croatia. Due to inactivity of the President in 2016 most of the regions announced exiting from Freblick, which made country almost defunct for two years before Solnechnogorsk Purchase in 2018, which gave Freblick territory.


Name ""Freblick"" consists of words "friend" and "republic". In 2016, as the country basically became a constitutional monarchy after the reign of Alexandr I, the name of Freblick became an oxymoron as it stopped being a republic, but it was to chosen to stick with the name for its historic and cultural value for freblickans.



The country Freblick was a project of Eugene Smagin, who used the name of this mictonation to take part in several sporting events, declaring independence from Russia. Despite this activity, country wasn't active and didn't have a lot of characteristics of a micronation.


The true founding year of Freblick as it has gathered new lands and attracted new citizens with a peak of 30. However, it took a whole year to create basic institutions of country, which meant that Freblick was de-facto a dictatorship as all of the power was in the hands of its founder. Freblick also took part in a brief war with another rising russian-based micronation — Repol, which resulted in a flawless victory and destruction of Repol.


In 2014, Freblick held its first presidential election, which saw a triumph of Eugene Smagin, who recieved 70% of the votes, as well as parliamentary election, where president's party Subortus Party for 5 out of 6 seats in the parliament with the result of 75%. This year was the most active for the country as it signed several intermicronational treaties, started its own social media account and first appeared on the Micronations Wiki.

Crisis of 2015-2017

Soon after the elections, leader of a country quickly lost interest to it and for two years the country was de-facto defunct. In 2016, due to a long internship, Eugene Smagin decided to change the country into the constitutional monarchy, making his relative Alexandr I the first king of Freblick and leaving vice-president Pavel Ponomarev as a first Prime Minister. While this move was anti-constitutional, it saw the support from the leading Subortus Party, which was pro-monarchy since its founding. However, most of the regions, including the largest city aglommeration Freblick-on-Don and several embassies refused to accept this coup and left Freblick. During all of this, Eugene Smagin led Freblickan army during the Ryabosnian-Smagford War, which, after a year of intense battles resulted in the liberation of Smagford, but didn't bring any profit to Freblick.


In 2018 Freblick lost almost all of its territory and the capital, FreblickTown, was under the threat of disappearing. In the summer of 2018 kind Alexandr I has held a series of international meetings and gathered a new piece of land for Freblick, which, with the ruins of once thriving SunRegion formed Freblick D.C., which became a new capital.


In the summer of 2020, right before the new Parliamentary elections, Eugene Smagin announced that he will be back with his Subortus Party, which changed its ideology to libertarianism. Second party of the government, which held 1 of 6 seats, National Steamers also agreed to take part in the elections, despite not believing in Freblick's future. Right after that the third party emerged from Central Region, which was called Thorny Way, lead by political activist Carlos, who was believed to be dead.



The leader of state is the king Alexandr I, who was appointed at this position by then-ruling president of Freblick, starting a new line of monarchs with Queen Valentina I being the next in line. Although the position of the monarch in Freblick should be more ceremonical, during the crisis of 2015-2018 King took part in several important events for Freblick's foreign relations and also helped to fill the parliament when most of its members left Freblick, creating the Monarchist Party.


President of Freblick is now a defunct position which was held by Eugene Smagin unofficially from 2013 to 2014 and then, after the elections, from 2014 to 2016.

Prime Minister

The leader of the government is a leader of the most popular Freblickan party. After the coup of 2016 then-president Eugene Smagin has to take this position as a leader of Subortus Party, but he chose to leave this position to his vice-president Pavel Ponomarev, who became a Prime Minister without being a leader of any party.



While technically there are only 6 seats to be distributed after the elections, President (2014-2016) and Prime Minister (2016-) have the same set of functions as other MPs, including a right to vote in the Parliament, so they are also considered to be MPs. From 2014 to 2016 this was enshrined in the Сonstitution as the President was named "the first level of government", with another 2 most popular MPs being the second level and 4 others — the third level.

Party Leader Seats
2014-2016 2017-2020 2020-2026
Subortus Party Eugene Smagin
6 / 7
4 / 7
4 / 7
Monarchist Party Alexandr I
0 / 7
1 / 7
2 / 7
Thorny Way Carlos
0 / 7
0 / 7
1 / 7
National Steamers Vadim Petrenko
1 / 7
1 / 7
0 / 7
0 / 7
1 / 7
0 / 7
Don Regional Party Ruslan Mostovoy
0 / 7
0 / 7
0 / 7
The distribution of seats in Freblick's Parliament. The one on the top is the Prime Minister, who techincally isn't considered a MP.


1st Parliament

During the first convocation of parliament 9 different people were its members. The founders of the first Parliament are in bold.

Name Party Years at Office
Pavel Ponomarev Subortus 2014-2016 (as MP) / 2016- (as Prime Minister)
Dmitry Grigoryev Subortus 2014-
Ilya Smelov Subortus 2014-
Eugene Smagin Subortus 2014-2016 (as president) / 2016- (as MP)
Vadim Petrenko Steamers 2014-
Valentina I Monarchists 2018-
Nikita Ryabov Independent 2017-
Ilya Turkin Subortus 2014-2016
Igor Moshkov Subortus 2014-2017
Victor I Monarchists 2016-2018

2nd Parliament

Second Parliament will start in August 2020. Two opposition parties — Monarchists and Thorny Way declared that they will form a coalition. The founders of the first Parliament are in bold. MPs who were elected for their second term are in italic.

Name Party Years at Office
Eugene Smagin Subortus 2020- (as Prime Minister)
Dmitry Grigoryev Subortus 2020-
Paul Proskuryakov Subortus 2020-2020; 2020-
Alexey Kazyupa Subortus 2020-
Artyom I Monarchists 2020-
Nikita Ryabov Monarchists 2020-
Carlos Thorny Way 2020-

Foreign relations

Freblick is not very active on the international arena with only few Russian-based micronations recognizing the state.

Recognised; no relations

Full diplomatic relations

  • SevDOUCOawQ.jpgWilnaland

Formal relations

  • IIyZg9EIQPk.jpg All members of ONG
  • OlBmy a5gBI.jpg All members of OMD
  • ZonIj0D JbU.jpg New Union

Geography and administrative divisions

There are three types of territory claimed by Freblick.

  • Federal District The territory, which always stays under Freblick's protection and rules and becomes a core province as well as a capital of Freblick. From 2012 to 2016 this territory was Flatwood D.C, however, as the citizens of Flatwood chose to stay in Russia, Freblick's King and government decided to create a new capital region — Freblick D.C., which locates in Solnechnogorsk, Russia.
  • Citizens' Region As it is written in the Constitution of Freblick: every square meter of area covered by the citizen of the country is declared a Freblick's territory, co-ruled with the country to which this original piece of lan belongs. Citizen's regions are groups of land located close enough in the territory of Russia. Until 2016 there were 3 of this districts: SunRegion, Don and Central Region. In 2016 SunRegion became a part of Freblick D.C. and Don stopped existing. In 2020, due to several new citizens, Central Region was split in half, creating a new semi-autonomous area: KOTIK
  • Embassies
    Countries with Freblick's embassies. Dark-blue: embassies exist now. Light-blue: embassies existed before 2016
    Embassies are similar to Citizen's regions, but they are located in countries different than Russia.

Administrative divisions


Flag Name Population Head of State
Federal District
Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpg Flatwood D.C. 4 Eugene Smagin
States and regions
SunCity.jpg SunRegion 7 Denis Plaksin
Rostov.jpg Don 7 Ruslan Mostovoy
SunCityFlag.jpg Central Region 6 Pavel Ponomarev
Branches.jpg Embassies 4 Temur Bryant


Flag Name Population Head of State
Federal District
Tq6JPeW4lJQ.jpg Freblick D.C. 5 Eugene Smagin
States and regions
SunCityFlag.jpg Central Region 12 Dmitry Grigoryev
KOTIK 5 Paul Proskyruakov
Branches.jpg Embassies 3 Dmitry Fadeev



Russian is the most popular language in Freblick, because almost 80% of territory is located in Russia. However, many official names (parties, streets) are written is Latin. Motto of Freblick (Gentem Superbus) is also Latin. English became popular in 2014, when Freblick started approaching to the international community. In Branches national languages (Georgian, Latvian, Croatian) are official, too.


Sport is very popular in Freblick. National sport is football, but surveys show, that virtual cricket is more popular. Freblick national virtual cricket team is well-known all over the world as the strongest team in this sport. Of course Freblick took part in Euro-2014, where got 3 wins from 3 matches. Virtual cricket players from Freblick plays in the best teams of Russian leagues, like West Indies or KNK.

Frelick has got representation in Chinese sport go. Player from Freblick took silver medal in Championship of East Europe 2013, lost only Croatia.

People from Branches love basketball, SunRegion is strong in sepak takraw and team from Freblick-On-Don is the best in futsal


First issue of Freblick News was published in 2012 and told about plan of ideal country and sports news. Now, there are eleven issues of FreblickNews, more famous in Russia as "Magpie". There were interviews with famous people there, like Sergey Chepchugov (goalkeeper of CSKA Moscow). Now there is a website about news of Freblick, consisting some topics, like "football in Freblick"- FreblickPress

Also, special podcasts about Freblick News are preparing.

Important dates

  • 3 March- Official holiday
  • 17 May- Day of Freblick's army
  • 1 June- Official holiday
  • 15 June- Freblick's day
  • 28 August- Gentem Superbus
  • 29 November- Day of Freblickan culture

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