2014 Freblick Presidential election

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June 2014 Freblick Presidential Election
June 2014
Candidate Eugene Smagin Ruslan Mostovoy Ulfric Stormcloak (de-facto Vadim Petrenko)
Party Subortus Party Independent Empire
Home state FreblickCity Rostov Skyrim, de-facto Moscow
Percentage 70% 20% 10%

President before election

Eugene Smagin

Elected President

Eugene Smagin
Subortus Party

The June 2014 Freblick Presidential Election took place in June,24. It was the first election in Freblick's history. De-facto, Eugene Smagin led the country through 2013-2014 period, but it was unofficially, because he became a leader not on the voting results. However, on these elections he confirmed his title and won elections with 70% of votes. Questionnaire to fill in were sent to every citizen of Freblick


Eugene Smagin

Eugene Smagin is a founder of Freblick and an acting president since 2013. Subortus Party sent him to elections after internal vote.In his speech, he mentioned about his plans- contacting with other world micronations and extension of branches and embassies in countries, like Ukraine,Estonia and England.

Ruslan Mostovoy

Candidate from Freblick-on-Don represented interests of all town, like holding big football tournaments in his town. He had great success in his town and became a Mayor, but didn't interest voters from other towns

Ulfric Stormcloak

Candidate from party "Empire of Storm's brothers". Ulfric is a character from popular computer game Skyrim and a nickname of Vadim Petrenko. Unfortunately, Ulfric was little bit late to elections and hadn't time for speech. That's why he got only 10% votes

Results by towns

Region Appearance Eugene Smagin Ruslan Mostovoy Ulfric Stormcloak
FreblickTown 50% 50% 50% 0%
SunRegion 0% --- --- ---
Central Region 100% 75% 0% 25%
Freblick-on-Don 28% 50% 50% 0%
Branches 50% 100% 0% 0%
SUMMARY 37 % 70% 20% 10%