2014 Freblick Presidential election

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June 2014 Freblick Presidential Election

June 2014
  Smagin.png Ulfric Civil War3.png
Candidate Eugene Smagin Ruslan Mostovoy Ulfric Stormcloak
(de-facto Vadim Petrenko)
Party Subortus Party IND Empire
Home state FreblickCity Rostov Skyrim
de-facto Moscow''
Popular vote 7 2 1
Percentage 70% 20% 10%

President before election

Eugene Smagin

Elected President

Eugene Smagin
Subortus Party

The June 2014 Freblick Presidential Election took place in June,24. It was the first election in Freblick's history.


Eugene Smagin

Eugene Smagin is a founder of Freblick and an acting president since 2013. He was selected by Subortus Party after formal primaries, where he recieved 100% support. His main goals and promises were in the area of foreign relations, including entering several micronational organizations as well as creating new embassies in different european countries.

Ruslan Mostovoy

Ruslan Mostovoy was nominated by Don Regional Party, while not being member of this organization, which turned out to be a fictional party with sole purpose of nominating a person from Don for presidency — as a result, Mostovoy was marked as an independent candidate on a ballot. Ruslan defended the interests of his own region, promosing the development of Freblick-On-Don. While his message wasn't appealing for other regions, new face on Freblick's political arena attracted voters even from the capital.

Ulfric Stormcloak

Candidate from party "Empire of Storm's brothers". Ulfric is a character from popular computer game Skyrim and a nickname of Vadim Petrenko. Despite having some support in Central Region, Ulfric couldn't hold a full campaign and was accused of being a spoiler for an acting president.


Results by regions

First democratic election of Freblick saw a very low turnout of only 37% with SunRegion's residents not participating at all, which was considered to be a bad sign for Eugene Smagin as it was his home state. However, the home state of Mostovoy, Freblick-On-Don, also showed disappointing turnout of only 28% which hurt Mostovoy's chances to win. As a result, in 3 of 5 regions there wasn't a clear winner as Mostovoy took the same amount of votes as Smagin. However, in Central Region, which was a home of Subortus Party, as well as in Embassies, who supported Smagin's plans of creating new international branches, an incumbent leader took 75% and 100%. Thanks to relatively high turnout in this regions, Smagin was able to finish with a result of 70% to secure the nomination.

Freblick Presidential election 2014
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Subortus Party Eugene Smagin 7 70% n/a
IND Ruslan Mostovoy 2 20% n/a
Empire Ulfric Stormcloak 1 10% n/a
Turnout 10 35.7% n/a


Eugene Smagin remained the first president of Freblick. To remove possible opposition he appointed his rival Ruslan Mostovoy as a Mayor of Don, which resulted in withdrawal of Don Regional Party from Parliamentary Elections. In 2016, the position of President was removed from governing system of Freblick, which made this 2014 election so far the only one in Freblick's history.