Empire of Storm's brothers

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Empire of Storm's brothers
Партия Братьев Бури
LeaderUlfric Stormcloak
FoundedJune 25, 2014
HeadquartersCentral City
IdeologySkyrim nationalism
National affiliationFreblick
Official coloursblue

Empire of Storm's brothers is a political party in Freblick, ruled by Ulfric Stormcloak (nickname of Vadim Petrenko). It broke up due to changes in political opinion of it's leader, who set up new party


Ulfric Stormcloak

Posters of Ulfric Stormcloak have been officially authorized as a campaign before the elctions

2014 Freblick Presidential election

Empire sent Ulfric to presidential elections with aim "restore his rightful throne of Skyrim". Ulfric was quite popular in CentralCity, but got only 10% of votes and came third, after Eugene Smagin and Ruslan Mostovoy.

In the express interview after elections, Vadim said that he was really disappointed, and told about his preelection plans in 30-40%. However, in thie interview Vadim officially announced the participation of his party in the parliamentary elections.

2014 Freblick Parliamentary Election

Before the elections Vadim excepted to get place in parliament to defend the laws of Skyrim people. His party needed at least 10% to get into the 3rd level of parliament. Ideas of Ulfric were popular in Branches, where opposition movement was gaining popularity.By the first intermediate results , that were announced in 2 pm, party was gaining 40% and was able to take 3 seats in parliament, including one of them in the second level. However, voters from CentralCity started coming to polls after 4 pm and took the poll to Subortus Party. An hour before the end of the election newspaper "Freblick Politics" announced the result for Empire- 29%. Official score was even worse- only 25% and just 1 seat in parliament

After elections

Vadim was quiet happy about results of elections and started his work in parliament. Eventually, he changed his ideology. Party "Empire of Storm's brothers" had some nationalist ideas and considered as opposition party. Vadim started cooperation with Parliament and agreed with most of ideas of Subortus. Also, he was dissatisfied of party activity. That was the reasons why Vadim started new party- National Steamers

List of Party Presidents

# Name Portrait Previous office Took office Left office
Presidents of Empire
1 Rayoz Dragonborn 3444725-8910199157-Video.jpg Party founder 24 June 2014 25 June 2014
2 Ulfric Stormcloak Ulfric Civil War3.png Vice-President 25 June 2014 29 June 2014
Vice-presidents of Empire
1 Vadim Petrenko ??? University of Freblick 24 June 2014 29 June 2014

Region popularity

The only constant source of votes for Empire is Skyrim district in CentralCity, where 1/5 of all CentralCity citizens live. Also, fans of Skyrim all over the Freblick sometimes supported party on regional elections.