Subortus Party (Freblick)

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Subortus Party (latin)
Партия возрождения (rus)
აღორძინების პარტია
Revival Party (eng)
LeaderEugene Smagin
FoundedJune 23, 2014
National affiliationFreblick
Official coloursblue


This party started a new political movement- Illumivism. It has got same ideas with Enlightened absolutism, but adapts to the system of parliamentary republic. That's one of reasons why party is neutral in such indicators, like left/right party. President of Vilnaland [1] officially supports this ideology, too


Eugene Smagin- leader

Igor Moshkov- South Wing leader

Ilya Turkin- North Wing leader

Pavel Ponomarev-

Temur Bryant

Ilya Smelov

Dmitry Fadeev

Dmitry Grigoriev

Internal vote (June,2014)

Subortus Party was one of the most active political movements in June, so they were able to send 1 candidate to presidential election. Leader of party started internal vote. However, there were only one candidate- Eugene Smagin. He got 4 votes out of 6 (2 members of party abstained) and went to elections, where got 70% and became a president of Freblick.

2014 Freblick Parliamentary Election

After quarrel with Mayor of Branches, party started active preelection campaign in other regions. Leader of Subortus expected to get about 80%, but leader of South Wing was more pessimistic and made a prediction with 60%. Results in Georgian Branches were really terrible- 0%, but turnout in CentralCity helped to get 75% and get 5 places in parliament. Leader of party Eugene Smagin called 4 of them- Igor Moshkov, Ilya Turkin (2nd level), Dmitry Grigoriev and Pavel Ponomarev (3rd level). The fate of a fifth place was decided by internal vote, where leader of unofficial East Wing Ilya Smelov got 3 of 3 votes and became a sixt deputy in parliament.


Party has got only one leader- Eugene Smagin. However, to make work easier and more useful, Smagin created 2 Wings- North and South, which have own leaders. Also, there are East and West wings, but they are unofficial and wear status of international organization.

Leaders of party

# Name Notes Took office Left office
Presidents of Subortus
1 Eugene Smagin President of Freblick 24 June 2014 ???
Leaders of wings
1 Igor Moshkov Leader of South Wing 24 June 2014 ???
1 Pavel Ponomarev Leader of North Wing 24 June 2014 1 July 2014
2 Ilya Turkin Leader of North Wing 1 July 2014 ???
Informal organizations
1 Ilya Smelov Leader of East Wing 25 June 2014 ???
1 Dmitry Fadeev Leader of West Support Movement 25 June 2014 ???

Popularity in regions