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The Republic of Speerland is a micronation which was founded in early August 2012. It is a sixth/fifth world micronation under the Boodesmythe-Tallini system. It is located on the Otago Peninsula. It is notable for it's strong enviromentalist policies.

Republic of Speerland

The Speerlandish Flag
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Republic of Speerland]]
Motto: "Together everyone archives more."
Anthem: Ode of Speerland
EstablishmentAugust 2012
Time zoneUCT+12


The name of Speerland originates from a conversation between its founders. They wished to name it "Sporeland" after the Maxis video game Spore, but modified the name so as to avoid copyright issues. Speerland's name has been spelt in several different ways (ie:spearland, spareland), but the government spelling is Speerland


Speerland was founded at Rotary Park School - it eventually came from the last era of the Huts of Rotary Park School and in many ways Speerland at the time was the same as the new huts, but due to the school being closed down by the New Zealander Ministry of Education the micronation lost its point of focus, with most of its citizens going on to new schools and ceasing involvement with Speerland. The micronation's founder has slowly rebuilt the country. In 2014, Speerland annexed Clearwater Island and began a program to clear the island of invasive gorse. Recently the government records and documents were lost following the government computer with them dying. At present Speerland is in a state of anarchy with no official micronational government. It's founder is considering dissolving the micronation.

Government and politics

There is unrestricted freedom of speech and expression, and animal and human rights are highly respected in line with the micronation's values of equality, compassion and forgiveness.

Law and order

Citizens are expected to uphold the law themselves, and have the power to arrest wrongdoers and take them to court. Speerlandish courts have a minimum quorum of the accused, the prosecutor, the victim and a witness, as well as two people considered impartial to serve as judges. The justice system is resonably forgiving, and capital punishment is abolished under all circumstances.

Foreign relations

Speerland has foreign relations with the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco and welcomes almost any other micronations which may choose to contact it. Speerland also has an alliance with Yazanari and is looking at relations with the Republic of Frigus. Speerland will not recognise any Antarctic micronations, with the exeption of any performing in the interests of Greenpeace due to the Antarctic Treaty System and the inability of such claims to usually be enforced. Speerland refuses to recognise the Empire of D'visa because of it's unjust, unreasonable claims in Antartica, Cuba, Samoa, Jamacia, the UK, Panama, Gemany, Hungary, The Marshall Islands, Egypt and North Korea.


Speerland has no military.

Geography and climate

Speerland, has a relatively temperate climate, occasionally reciving snowfall. In the island/coastal provinces the water gets warm enough to swim in,the sea providing much pleasure to many Speerlandish. Speerland is a mountainous country, Clearwater island being of high gradient and cliffed on all sides. It is well forested, meaning that the national sport of tree climbing is avalible to anyone. Various herbs and fruit, such as parsley, NZ spinach and blackberries can be found within Speerland's borders. The Chatman road Dependancy has a rather different climate as it is situated in Central Otago, and is less mountainous,has no coast,less forested and lacks the herbs of the rest of Speerland. However, it has a large orchid of various friut trees,and provides much of Speerland's food supply.


Speerland uses the barter system instead of currency, and has a trade dispute settlement system. Speerland has very little infrastructure at present. However, at present plans exist for creation of a berry growing industry (blackberry foraging is a different sector).


Speerland has a culture based on equality. In Speerland, animals can become citizens but have to apply just as humans do. As only good natured people are typicaly accepted as citizens, most Speerlandish are resonable people who normally try to follow unwritten moral and ethical codes. Popular local Speerlandish foods include oat cakes and microwaved bananas as well as the nation-widely grown banana passion-fruits. Foraging for black-berries is also a popular acivity in Speerland and surrounding regions. Most Speerlandish citizens have a heavy focus on enviromentalisim. Environmental focus also had a hand in the creation of Speerland itself.


At present Speerland has no media.

National Anthem

The lyrics to the speerlandish national anthem (Ode of Speerland) are as following:

Speerland, Speerland,

A land of the free.

Speerland, Speerland,

protecting the tree.

A land of compassion and kindness,

we know what is right,

and for it we will fight.

Speerland, Speerland,

We are true,

in Speerland, Speerland,

to our values.

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