Huts of Rotary Park School

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The Huts of Rotary Park School were a group of huts built at intervals and lunchtime by Rotary park school students. They were built in 3 major eras, and eventually evolved into the current micronation of the Republic of Speerland

Early hut era

The year when the first hut was built is not known, but from at least 2007, people were building huts. This era had ended by 2009 and ultimately was not really active. The last and possibly only major project was the construction of Chris's first hut which later gave name to a stunt where the participant walked along a tree branch, jumped fell a few meters before landing in the middle of the (now ruined) hut.

Middle hut era

During the middle hut era, 3 major 'tribes' arose. Each of them had at least 5 members, and sometimes tribes fought intense verbal battles and tried to scramble over the remaining pupils who had not aligned themselves with any tribe.This time of bitter distrust would later be looked upon as a low point in the history of the Republic of Speerland.

Final, Golden era

The final era of The Huts of Rotary Park began when 6 pupils decided to rebuild the huts. They kept their activities secret, slowly revealing the huts to people until the whole school was aware and a member of the huts. And so the huts began to grow. Pupils traded in Tree Rubies, parsley, branches and other small objects. New 'Villages' were built and the huts flourished as an independent country - the nation of Speerland. However, at the end of the year, the NZ ministry of education closed the school down and with the school went the huts. Some citizens went back and retrieved artifacts (some favoured sticks etc.) but by mid-2013 the old school grounds were scraped and the trees felled, and any remnants of the huts ceased to exist.