United Commonwealth of Vyktania

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United Commonwealth of Vyktania
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish
• Vyktoryan President
James-Robert Knight
• Titanian President
Arthish Banerjee
Establishment26 November 2014 (2014-11-26)
• (citizens as of 2014 estimate) census
CurrencyAustralian dollar
Indian rupee
Vyktoryan dollar
Time zoneVarious
Preceded by
Commonwealth of Vyktory
Republic of Titania

The United Commonwealth of Vyktania is a democratic political union consisting of the Commonwealth of Vyktory and the Republic of Titania. It was created on 26 November 2014.


The name Vyktania is a portmanteau of the names Vyktory and Titania.


To be written

Government and politics

Vyktania is a political union, with both the Vyktoryan and Titanian governments remaining autonomous and self-governing. The heads of state of both nations, which are currently known as Presidents, are regarded as dual heads of state of Vyktania. There is a possibilty of both nations merging their parliements and creating a Commonwealth Parliament, but it must gain unanimous approval from both parliaments.

Law and order

Vyktory runs on the principles of civil law, with the courts being the Town, State and National courts, in order of ascending importance. Each court is used depending on the severity of a crime, however, due to the rarity of crimes, the courts are not permanent and are instead summoned on demand.

Titania is yet to create a law and order code.

Foreign relations

The constituent states of Vyktania are allowed to enter into their own foreign relations, and achieving foreign relations with the whole of Vyktania requires approval from both governments.


Vyktory does not have a military, as they believe in peace and cooperation, however, there has been considerations regarding a small defense force.

Titania has no known militatry.

Geography and climate

Vyktory's capital, Kingstown located in a valley with a temperate climate, in the south-east of Australia. Summers are long and hot, with temperatures regularly exceeding 35 degrees Celcius. Winters are cold and wet, with minimums occasionally going below zero.


Vyktory's main export is technology, with the only non-media company registered in Vyktory being Jarokn Games, a video game developer and publisher.

Titania has no such businesses, and thus has no economy.


The Vyktoryan media is wholly privately owned by James-Robert Knight as the only media group in Vyktory is his Vyktoryan Broadcasting Corporation, which owns VBC Prime and the Vyktory Free Press.

Titania has no known media outlets.