Republic of Suwerenny

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Republic of Suwerenny


Flag of Suwerenny.pngSuwerenny armsnew.png

Virtus autem per se apud excellentiam.
Suwerenny Map1.png
Official language(s)English, Polish
Recognized Regional Languages
Cantonese, Ukrainian, Tiwikean
Official religion(s)none
Short nameSuwerenny
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
- PresidentTC (LDP) LS.png
Established27 March 2014
Area claimed459405.84 sq ft (0.0426802 sq. km)
Time zone(UTC-6)
National animalDove

Suwerenny (sʌwərniː), officially the Republic of Suwerenny, is a Micronation in Western Canada consisting of 5 provinces, 4 territories and 1 federal district. At 453720 square feet in total and a growing population of 20, Suwerenny is the world’s 23rd largest Micronation in the world and the 9th largest in North America. The land that is now Suwerenny has been inhabited for millennia by various Aboriginal Peoples. Beginning in the late 16th century, British and French colonies were established in the area. Canada, Britain and France had owned the land since. On 27 March 2014, the province of East Butte declared its independence from Canada. Suwerenny is a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic with a president as its head of state. Suwerenny is a member of the Union Against Micronational War and thus has no active army outside of it's own borders. The country is officially bilingual at the federal level. It does most of it’s trading with Canada. Suwerenny is an example of a nation at Political Stage V on the Eight Stage Transition. The Government also owns the National Group Co..


The name Suwerenny comes from the Polish word suwerenny. Meaning sovereignty. The name was made on the same day as the Suwerennian Constitution and Declaration of Independence, it was also introduced on that day.

Name in other languages

Federal Republic of Suwerenny - English
République Fédérale d'Souveraineté - French
Republika Federalna Z Suwerenny - Polish
Ederal Epublic of Uwerenny - Tiwikean
主权联邦共和国 - Cantonese




Early Republic

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The start of Suwerenny's National Anthem

On 27 March 2014, the province of East Butte declared independence as the Republic of Suwerenny. Days later, a Declaration of Independence and Constitution were completed, and the first political party was formed; the Liberal-Socialists Party. At the start of April, a hectare of land a kilometre away from East Butte was ceded to the Republic to form Flosland, and at the end of the month, the nation's first territory joined the Republic. The nation has now gained a population of 12 and made diplomatic relationships with countries such as the Republic of Molossia, Empire of Austenasia, People's Republic of Hashima and the Great Empire of Dikameppra.


Pasqua Lake Province

Weather Records

see the full article at: List of Weather Records in Suwerenny

  • Record high: 37 (98.6)
    with humidity: 43.3 (109.9)
  • Record low: -52 (61.6)
    with wind chill: -65 (-85)

Government and Foreign Relations

Election Results

October 2015 Election

Party Ideology Seats
Senate Parliament
Liberal-Democrat Liberalism
9 / 19
3 / 4
Communist Communism
4 / 19
1 / 4
Medical First Medical Politics
4 / 19
0 / 4
Green Green Politics
1 / 19
0 / 4
Independent Communist Communism
1 / 19
0 / 4