Liberal-Socialist Party of Suverska

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Liberal-Socialist Party of Suverska
Ліберально-соціалістична партія Суверьщі
Leader Atyko Robijovych
Founded 31 March 2014
Dissolved 24 February 2022

Socialist Forum
(observer until 2019)

Liberal socialism
Social democracy
Position Centre-left to left-wing
Libsoš Councilmember Group
Founded 3 May 2021
Dissolved 24 February 2022

Left-wing populism
Position Centre-left to left-wing

Cabin Cons. Council
Libsoš logo.

The Liberal-Socialist Party of Suverska, known by various names throughout its history, was a political party in the Republic of Suverska. The Liberal-Socialist Party—founded in 2014 as the Suwerenny Party and in its final years called the Libsoš Party—was the oldest and most successful political party in the country, holding majority power in government from 2014 to 2018. The Libsoš Councilmember Group was the organisation’s parliamentary group which was founded in 2021 following the governmental reforms that year in Suverska. While the party was the more active half of the organisation, the parliamentary group encompassed a more moderate, big-tent range of views. At the nation’s dissolution, 2 of the 5 seats in the National Council belong to Libsoš Councilmember Group members, the largest share of any parliamentary group.


Political party
  • 2014 – 2015: Suwerenny Party (Suw.)
  • 2015 – 2016: Liberal-Democrat Party of Suwerenny (LD)
  • 2016 – 2019: Liberal-Socialist Party of Suwerenny (LS)
  • 2019 – 2020: Liberal-Socialist Party of Suverska (LS)
  • 2020 – 2022: Libsoš Party (LS)
Parliamentary group
  • 2021 – 2022: Libsoš Councilmember Group (LCG)


Initially, the party held a social democratic and liberal socialist ideology. Though presenting itself as a moderate, centre-left party, it was an observer member of the Intermicronational Socialist Forum from 2014 to 2019.

In its final years, the Liberal-Socialist Party had a left-libertarian ideology and governed with a primarily environmental focus. Its political stance was described using terms such as libertarian socialism, environmentalism and green politics, grassroots democracy, direct democracy, decentralization, workplace democracy, and pirate politics. It was much more radical, but less active, half of the Libsoš organisation.

The Libsoš Councilmember Group held a more moderate, big-tent range of views that generally includes followers of progressivism, as well as those sympathetic to the environmental movement, and taking influence from social democracy among other ideologies.

2020 platform

In 2020, the platform of the Libsoš Party and Libsoš Councilmember Group has consisted of various pledges and proposals, some of which are outlined as follows.

Electoral results

Presidential elections (2014–2018)
Election Candidate Round Result
1 2
2014 John of Flosia1 100% Endorsed
2016 89% Endorsed
2018 I 66% Endorsed
2018 II Atyko Robijovych 36% 62% Won

1 John of Flosia ran as an independent candidate but was endorsed by Libsoš

Elections to parliament as a political party (2014–2018)
Election Leader % +/- Seats +/- Rank Result
2014 Atyko Robijovych 55.6 new
3 / 5
new 1st Majority
2016 47.3 8.3
4 / 7
1 Steady 1st Majority
2018 34.5 12.8
4 / 9
Steady 0 Steady 1st Minority
Elections to the National Council as a parliamentary group (2021–2022)
Election Leader % +/- Seats +/- Rank Result
2021 Atyko Robijovych 37.1 2.6
2 / 5
new Steady 1st Nonpartisan
2022 43.3 6.2
2 / 5
Steady 0 Steady 1st Nonpartisan