Emperor Grandmother Joyce

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Her Imperial Highness
Emperor Grandmother Joyce
Emperor Grandmother Joyce in 2013.
Born7 May 1922
Goodmayes, Essex, UK
Died2 November 2018(2018-11-02) (aged 96)
Carshalton, UK
IssueLord Michael, Duke of Merton
HIH Emperor Mother Margaret

HIH Emperor Grandmother Joyce (7 May 1922 - 2 November 2018) was a member of the Imperial Family of Austenasia as maternal grandmother of Emperor Jonathan I and Crown Princess Caroline.


Joyce was born in Goodmayes, then in Essex, on 7 May 1922. Her family moved in 1933 after the death of her father to Leigh-on-Sea to live with her maternal grandfather. They then moved to Raynes Park in 1940 due to Leigh-on-Sea being considered under threat from attack after the evacuation of Dunkirk. From 1943 to 1946 she served as a clerk in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. In June 1949, Joyce married Robert Boxall, with whom she had two children, Michael and Margaret.

On 20 September 2008, Margaret together with her own husband and children declared their house independent as the Empire of Austenasia. On Boxing Day later that year, upon visiting the new Empire, Joyce was made a Dame Commander of the Austenasian Order by Emperor Terry I (only the fifth person to be awarded an Austenasian honour) after expressing interest in Austenasia.

On 7 August 2010, Joyce accompanied Margaret and her children on an Austenasian state visit to Moylurg (en route to a family holiday in Devon), meeting Declan I in the process. Upon the ascension of her grandson Jonathan to the Austenasian Throne on 20 January 2013, she gained the title Emperor Grandmother and the style of Imperial Highness.

Joyce was given the peerage of Duchess of Merton on 15 September 2013, as part of the honours list published upon Austenasia's fifth anniversary. She was also appointed one of the two annual Consuls in 2016, but otherwise had very little actual involvement in Austenasia and never became an Austenasian subject.

In October 2012, Joyce moved to a retirement home in Wallington. She passed away after a short illness on 2 November 2018, aged 96. Later that month, the garden in the Austenasian Town of Palasia was designated the Joyce Memorial Garden in her memory.

On 11 June 2022, an Austenasian Book of Remembrance was established by Jonathan I, "to honour and preserve the memories of those who have died who were of importance to Austenasia and its people". The Book of Remembrance was established by an Imperial Edict which names Joyce as one of the three deceased individuals - alongside Taras Oliynyk and the Emperor's other grandmother, Dame Bette - whose memories particularly inspired the Book, which was created "in honour of her memory" specifically.

Titles, styles and honours

Titles and styles

Imperial Styles of
Emperor Grandmother Joyce
Reference style Her Imperial Highness
Spoken style Your Imperial Highness
Alternative style Ma'am
  • 7 May 1922 - 18 June 1949: Joyce Trory
  • 18 June 1949 - 26 December 2008: Joyce Boxall
  • 26 December 2008 - 20 January 2013: Dame Joyce Boxall, DCA
  • 20 January 2013 - 2 November 2018: HIH Emperor Grandmother Joyce

Awards and decorations


Emperor Grandmother Joyce
House of Trory
Born: 7 May 1922 Died: 2 November 2018
Non-political Austenasian offices
Preceded by
Carolina Principissa Coronae
Imogena Eastonii Thanasiae Domina
Consul of the Empire of Austenasia
Mater Imperatoris Margareta
Succeeded by
Adam Rex
Victoria Hathawia Comitessa Sidneae
Noble titles
Preceded by
Peerage granted
Duchess of Merton
15 September 2013 - 2 November 2018
Succeeded by
Lord Michael, Duke of Merton
Preceded by
Province created
1st Countess of Colltiree
13 April 2014 - 2 November 2018
Succeeded by
Lord Michael, Duke of Merton