Oxi Dependency

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Oxi Dependency
Imperial Flag
File:Territory locations are currently state secrets.
CapitalState secret
Official languagesEnglish (de facto only)
GovernmentMonarchy, Dependency
• Speaker of the House Elect
Seat empty
• King
Colby Fisher
Establishment4 December 2008
• Census
CurrencyReylan ICU (Imperial Currency Unit [Not currently in circulation]
Time zonePST

The (Former United Territories) Oxi Dependency (or simply, Oxi) is a peaceful and benevolent micronation, founded in 2008 as "The United Territories" by its reigning king, Colby Fisher. Citizens all possess the right to vote for parliament members of the House Elect, affecting the legislature significantly. The king currently manages all internal affairs of the nation.


The Oxi Dependency was founded as "the United Territories" on 4 December 2005 by its reigning king, Colby Fisher. In the following six months, its citizenship grew to more than 130. To date, the number has rarely fluctuated. During this time, a Minister of Foreign Affairs, a Minister of History, and a National Steward were appointed to help manage the duties of the state. Meanwhile, a constitution was being developed by citizens and government, but was never officially adopted.

The United Territories quickly developed good relations with the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate and soon signed a treaty with the Empire ensuring peace and friendship between the nations. For approximately one year (starting around 2010), the United Territories maintained its statehood, but failed to actively continue its development. In June 2011, the United Territories and the Reylan Imperial Triumvirate began negotiating Articles of Incorporation which will both make the United Territories a dependency of the Empire and retitle the state as the "(Former United Territories) Oxi Dependency." Implementation of the agreement is imminent.

The Government of Oxi

The King's Office

(Colby Fisher) continues to hold the position of King of Oxi. The King's Office is currently developing a new website for the government of Oxi, as well as a system of "top-level" domains for use by the citizens and government of Oxi as well as to those parties with significant legal, economic, or cultural engagements with Oxi.

Proposed domains are:

  • .gov.oxi.cc (government websites)
  • .net.oxi.cc (public use)

The Stewardship of Oxi

This office (now defunct) served to manage the duties of the king in case of his absence, long- or short-term. Until mid-2011, the office was held by Jonathan Galyean.

The Ministry of Immigration

The Minister of of Immigration (appointed by the king) manages incoming applications for citizenship, reviewing and approving each. This office is currently empty and as such, its duties are being carried out by the king.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Foreign Affairs manages relations with other micronations, directing requests to the appropriate ministers, head-of-state, or parliament members. This office was held by Jeff Ladish until mid-2011. The office is currently empty and as such, its duties are being carried out by the king.

The Ministry of Propaganda

The Minister of Propaganda publishes promotional and recruitment materials for the state of Oxi. This office is currently empty and as such, its duties are being carried out by the king.

The Ministry of Culture

The Minister of Culture is tasked with keeping a detailed written record of Oxi's national history and answering queries in regards to it. Additionally, the Ministry of Culture manages requests for .oxi.cc domain names. This office is currently empty, and as such, its duties are being carried out by the king.

The Ministry of Culture replaced the now defunct Ministry of History in mid-2011. The former Minister of History is Jonathan Salt.

Parliament of Oxi

Oxi's Parliament is divided into two houses.

The first is the House Elect, whose members are democratically elected directly by the citizens of Oxi. This house constitutes 90 percent of the parliamentary seats. The House Elect reserves the right to unseat the king by unanimous vote.

The second is the House Appointed, whose members are appointed directly by the king. This house constitutes 10 percent of the parliamentary seats and cooperates simultaneously with the House Elect. Members of the House Appointed hold the same voting power as members of the House Elect except without the right to vote to unseat the king.

Presently, Parliament is suspended due to recent significant restructuring of Oxi's government and all power has been transferred to the king.

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