Order of the Snake Knights

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Order of the Snake Kinghts

Awarded by His Majesty King Quentin of Wyvern of the Kingdom of Wyvern
Type Knight Order
Awarded for For supporting the Kingdom, its citizens, leaders or its Monarch/
Status Currently awarded
Established August 9, 2014
First awarded August 9, 2014
Total awarded 6
Next (higher)
Next (lower) Order of the Wyvern


The Order was based on the Knight Order that ruled the Kingdom of Snakia before the mordernisation and reformation into Wyvern began. It remember and honour its greatness His Majesty created this order. People in this Order are counted as the finest of friends of His Majesty and of His Kingdom.


The King of the Kingdom of Wyvern is the Leader of the Order of the Snake Knights, this was the original title of the original order. The rest of its members are Knights

The following grades exist for the Order of the Snake Knights:

  • 1. Leader
  • 2. Knight