Order of the Wyvern

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Order of the Wyvern
(Dutch) Orde in de Wyvern

Awarded by the Statenraad of the Kingdom of Wyvern
Type State order with six degrees
Awarded for Supporting/aiding/helping the Kingdom
Status Currently awarded
Established June 14, 2012
First awarded June 14, 2012
Total awarded 13
Next (higher) Order of Snakia
Next (lower)


On the second foundersday of 2012, 14th of June, the King and the Stateraad issued the creation of the Order of the Wyvern to award those who helped/aided/created/supported Wyvern during its existence.


The King or King-Regnant of the Kingdom of Wyvern is the Grand Master of the Order of the Wyvern. In addition to this special grade, the Order of the Wyvern is issued in five classes.

The following grades exist for the Order of the Wyvern:

  • 1. Grand Master
  • 2. Grand Officer
  • 3. Commander
  • 4. Officer
  • 5. Knight
  • 6. Member


Grand Master

  • King Quentin of Wyvern - King of the Wyvern, Emperor of Spitsbergen, King and Lord Protector of Sae, King of Snakia.

Grand Officer



Princess A. of Wyvern - Princess of Wyvern, Secretary to the Prime-Minister