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Lord governor (plural lords governor), or peeress governor (plural peeresses governor) in the case of a female, is the title of a Baustralian peer appointed to represent a realm in the House of Lords of Baustralia. Unlike a governor-general, the post does not represent the monarch and thence not a viceroy. An exception to this is the Viceroy and Lord governor of Ostreum where the Lord governor is ex officio Viceroy. This post is not a cabinet post unlike its commoner equivalent, the Secretary of State for the dominion.

Current usage

In the Baustralian Empire, there is a Lord governor for each realm, less the Baustralian Antarctic Territory.

List of current lord governors
 Edstmae: Katelynn, Princess of Wabasso
 Ostreum: Felkin Parker, 1st Viscount Parker
 Wangatangia: Jacob Mayjames, 1st Viscount Mayjames
 Whiskey Islands: William Wilson, 1st Duke of Northumbria