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Colony of Edstmae

Flag of Edstmae
Coat of arms
Motto: Edstmæ in tenebris lucet
Edstmae shineth in darkness
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
John I
• Peeress Governor
Katelynn, Princess of Wabasso
• Secretary of State
Ella Parker
• Independence from Canada
4 November 2017
• Baustralian Occupation
12 Feburary 2018
• Land claims fallen, Baustralian land ceded
9 March 2018
• Imperialization
31 May 2018
CurrencyEdstmanian Boerc (EDB)
RIS 002 codeED

The Colony of Edstmae is a constitutional monarchy based in the Trenton, Ontario area. It started by Queen Renessmae, who decided she would start her own Kingdom after dissatisfaction with the Baustralian monarchy. After the Baustralian Conquest, it was taken by Baustralia in exchange for the Province of O'Niel.