Order of the Diaconus

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Order of the Diaconus
The belt of the Order, circumscribed around the members arms
Awarded by the

Sovereign of Ikonia
Established2 January 2019
Country Ikonia
MottoLatin: IKONIA•LIBERTATEM (Liberty for Ikonia)
CriteriaAt the discretion of the Monarch
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignKing Abrams I
  • Royal Knight/Lady Companion
  • Knight/Lady Companion
  • Stranger Knight/Lady Companion
  • KD
  • LD
  • SKD
  • SLD
First induction2 January 2019
Last induction22 December 2020
Total inductees12
Next (higher)Highest
Next (lower)Order of St Thomas and St Andrew

Riband of a Knight/Lady of the Diaconus

The Order of the Diaconus is the highest chivalric order in the Kingdom of Ikonia founded by the King Abrams I on 2 January 2019 to recognize the garter on the royal coat of arms of Ikonia. With 12 members, it is the second-most awarded order in Ikonia.

The order's emblem is a cyan belt, with the words IKONIA•LIBERTATEM (Latin: Liberty for Ikonia) in black lettering.


The member, upon appointing, may wear a four-inch (10.16 cm)-wide sash worn over their left shoulder to their right hip. The arms of the Order may be worn on this sash on the left breast, unless in military uniform with medals. Also, a breast star may be worn with the sash, though not without.

In heraldry, if an alternate order is worn over the Diaconus, the neck badge, with the colored aqua from the belt that was awarded is worn.


The Order is considered a personal gift from the sovereign, where he doesn't require permission from government to appoint members. Membership consists of Knights or Ladies Companion, and various Supernumerary members. These include the Sovereign of the Order, Abrams I; various Royal Knights or Ladies Companion, all coming from the Royal House; and various Stranger Knights and Ladies Companion, which consists of foreign head of states that the Sovereign chooses.

Members ex officio

Name Year of appointment Present age Banner Notes
His Majesty The King Sovereign since 2018 17
Sovereign of the Order of the Diaconus


List of current members of the Order [1]
Name Date of appointment Present age Rank Armorial Banner
The Duke of Nikodemia 9 February 2019 19 Royal Knight Companion
Mother Emma 18 September 2020 52 Royal Knight Companion
Emperor of the Empire of Iustus 23 February 2019 20 Stranger Knight Companion
Emperor of the Empire of Adammia 23 February 2019 26 Stranger Knight Companion
Emperor of the Empire of Austenasia 23 February 2019 29 Stranger Knight Companion
Dylan Callahan 21 March 2019 28 Stranger Knight Companion
Commonwealth of Naveria Duke of the Commonwealth of Naveria 26 September 2020 N/A Stranger Knight Companion
Kapreburg King of Kapreburg 22 October 2020 13 Stranger Knight Companion
Kingdom of Gradonia King of Gradonia 9 November 2020 17 Stranger Knight Companion
Ikonia Haida Allen 22 December 2020 N/A Knight Companion
King of Baustralia 25 December 2020 20 Stranger Knight Companion
Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra 1 January 2021 22 Stranger Knight Companion



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