King's Police Medal

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King's Police Medal
Ribbon bar
Awarded by the

Sovereign of Ikonia
TypeMerit award
Awarded forFor those who have served dutifully and honorably in the police force, exhibiting the highest devotion to their service
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignHM King Abrams I
First induction3 January 2021
Last induction25 December 2021
Total inductees3
Next (higher)Military Cross
Next (lower)King's Vita Medal

The King's Police Medal (post-nominal: KPM) is a personal decoration medal in the Kingdom of Ikonia founded by King Abrams I. It is awarded to retired policemen in His Majesty's Police for gallantry or distinguished service. It was established on 3 January 2021 to recognize officers who served in the police-force.


The medal is considered an honorable and personal recognition of service from the sovereign, where he doesn't require permission from government to appoint members, however majority of members that are inducted are recommendations. Membership consists of Recipients, and the Sovereign.


Nation Pre-nominals Name Post-nominals Invested Reference
Ikonia His Majesty Abrams I 2021[a]
 Kapreburg His Majesty Jackson I KD GCTA OH OM KPM 2021 [citation needed]
 Aenderia Mr. Nicholas Fisher KPM 2021 [1]


  1. Fount of honour


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